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Mosio’s True Two-Way Text Messaging™ Coverage | 27 Countries and Counting


Mosio’s True Two-Way Text Messaging™ Coverage What is True Two-Way Text Messaging™? Many mobile messaging companies claim that they have global text messaging capabilities. While it may be technically accurate, in many cases it requires the end user to text to a UK long code, incurring international text messaging fees, not the best user experience,…
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Hospitality News Update: Hotels get more creative with digital screens, Restaurants turn to smartphones, tablets for orders and more, NFC technology trial to begin at McDonald’s in Canada

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has eight large floor-to-ceiling video columns that use photography and film to tell a story.

Hotels get more creative with digital screens By using digital screens, hotels are displaying digital art to please customers and keep things looking pretty. What I love about the idea of using digital screens is that it’s incredibly easy to change what is on the screen, meaning you can suit up the hotel for whatever…
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