How To Properly Utilize Text Messaging At Your Corporate Events

Corporate events are crucial to a company gathering feedback and input from business partners, employees, and clients. Therefore, it is essential that the event is engaging in order to collect the maximum amount of feedback. Many times organizers of these events fail to make the event as engaging as it could be. For this reason, starting to incorporate text messages can be a good start to making your events more engaging, and thus more successful.

No More Microphones, Use Your Mobile

It is often considered alright if your employees wait in line and give their comments by being passed a microphone or standing in front of a podium. However, can the same be said for your clients and business partners? What if you have 1,000 attendees and everyone has something to say? It can be embarrassing, and frustrating if someone leaves a corporate event without being able to have their say. Text messaging not only allows everyone who wants to chime in chime in, it also allows them to do so in a more anonymous way.

Ask Questions Safely & Anonymously

Traditionally in corporate events attendees need to stand up to ask a question. As a result, some people may not provide feedback because they don’t like to be in the spotlight. In some cases employees are afraid of asking questions on misconduct or some decisions the company is making. This cuts down on crucial feedback the company needs in order to move forward. By adding a layer of anonymity, more people are encouraged to speak their mind.

Invite Attendees To Ask Question Via Mail Or Text Message & Show On Screen

By using text messaging, you are allowing attendees the choice of if they want to give their feedback or ask questions via their phones or e-mail. Also, by ensuring that all questions being asked are being shown on a screen somewhere, it helps to cut down on duplicate questions. This also encourages more engagement because attendees can see that other people may have the same questions or feedback they do.

Make sure you also have the option to moderate questions and not post all of them to the big screen. Some questions are of a more sensitive nature, and not meant for the public eye. By making it a choice if the question is posted or not, you give attendees the security to ask what they want, without risking exposing some sensitive issue that may not have been brought up initially.

See, not only can anonymous text messaging make the attendees more comfortable about asking questions and providing feedback, you won’t miss out on any feedback due to needing to wait one’s turn to chime in.

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