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Home Is Where the Health Is: Obamacare Positions Telehealth Tech as a Remedy for Chronic Hospital Readmissions

If you don’t fully understand the condition or illness you have after being checked out of a hospital, chances are you may end up back in hospital before the end of the month. However, by understanding the illness better, and aiming to look after yourself better at home, that previous hospital trip may be your last. To make things easier, new telehealth systems in the United States may be used to help recovering patients to call-in or have contact with nurses, doctors and physicians to ask for advice on their conditions.

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How health tech can support the aging baby boomer population

By 2050, about one in four Americans will be over 65, and judging by today’s standards, this means we are going to need to put more effort into caring for those who need cared for because of old age, mental illness and physical illness.Thanks to technology though, we may be able to help the older generation even more than we do today. Health tech will be capable of monitoring many different health systems and they’ll be able to quickly send important information to physicians and doctors to ensure that any complications are dealt with when necessary.

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Emerging technology aids health strategies

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mHealth ‘could save a million African lives by 2017’

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mHealth technology used to develop ‘Flying Eye Hospital’

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