Events and Conferences News: Top Tech Tips for Meetings and Events, Mobile Technology & Events: The Perfect Partnership, Church House AV survey finds events are getting more interactive

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Mobile Technology Meetings & Events: The Perfect Partnership

If you’re interested in the statistics in relation to mobile phone usage and events, this article will help to shed some light. You may be surprised to find out that smart phone usage now beats traditional cell phone usage by a long shot, and 66% of businesses uses mobile in some way for marketing reasons. When planning an event, mobile is more important than it has ever been, and after reading through this it’s quite clear that there are many reasons why.

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Gesture Technology: What It is and How to Use It at Your Next Event

Gesture technology is being used everywhere these days. Swiping on your phone to open a file or change screen is known as a form of gesture recognition technology, just like swiping your arms or jumping at your kinect whilst playing an Xbox game with your family. Whilst there are a lot of novel ways to make use of gesture technology, there are some more advantageous ways out there and some could become handy at your next event. A few examples are shown in this article on just how gesture technology could be used to make events even more interesting.

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Church House AV survey finds events are getting more interactive

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Top Tech Tips for Meetings and Events

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Will These Tech Advances Change the Future of Events?

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