Events and Conferences News: Technology on the rise at CIBTM, European Organizers and Venues Go Digital In Record Numbers, Amtrak Upgrades Passenger Wi-Fi

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European Organizers and Venues Go Digital In Record Numbers

We’d like to think of the present as the ‘digital age.’ Everything around us is becoming more technologically involved, and we are all using digital technology to improve our day to day lives. It’s come to a point where digital technology has helped to improve almost every industry from each corner of the Earth, and especially in event organisation, it’s clear to see a huge rise in the use of digital technology within the industries we work in.

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Amtrak Upgrades Passenger Wi-Fi

Could you imagine a world where everywhere we go we have access to super smooth WiFi for free? Whilst we may all have experienced the poor WiFi we get in hotel rooms and small coffee shops, organisations out there are working on improving public WiFi to help us all stay connected. One example of this involves Amtrak, a train and bus travel company, has started to improve the public WiFi available within their methods of transport, allowing the public to have access to a good WiFi connection whilst traveling. This can be important when you need to make important connections with friends, family or workmates whilst on a long journey and it’s a positive step towards us all sharing our connectedness together.

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Technology on the rise at CIBTM

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Greening Your Meeting: How to Go Paperless

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What Is Augmented Reality Technology? What Can It Offer the Event Industry?

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