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Text Messaging News: Texting for better health, Tips to be taken via text, Text reminders help seniors improve medication adherence

Tips to be taken via text If you live in Monmouth and want to lend a helping hand to your community you can now text in to the County Sheriff and “tip” them of anything you may think seems a little dodgy in your area. Although the Monmouth police department still advises to call 911…
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Text Messaging News: Solving the customer service gap through mobile innovation, Texting Becomes a Health Tool in Kenya, Schools turn to smart phone apps in bid to identify bullies and help victims

Text Messaging Tip Program Launches in Monmouth County

Mobile-enabled payment systems improve services revenue collection Currently shaking an expensive smartphone in the air does nothing other than provide a friend for the shiny watch that may be sitting on your wrist, however many businesses are looking in to making a show of your smartphone even more meaningful. By using NFC, or near field…
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Text Messaging News: Text messages shed light on the symptoms of stroke, Text That Affects Aims to Help New Moms, Text Crime-Tip Service

Text messages shed light on the symptoms of stroke Read More Text Campaign Aims to Help New Moms Read More Township Police Introduce Anonymous Text Crime-Tip Service Read More Texting can shorten ER-to-treatment time for stroke victims Read More Rail police bring in text message alerts Read More   Compiled by Mosio mobile messaging software. All…
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Anti Bullying Text Messaging Service | Nancy Lublin: Texting that saves lives [VIDEO]

Anti Bullying Text Messaging – Software and Service Bullying continues to be a huge problem in and out of schools. The most recent news of Karen Klein (the school bus monitor who was bullied by a few middle schoolers in Greece, NY) has brought even more needed attention to the issue. The outpouring of support…
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Text a Tip Poster – San Francisco Police Department – (SMS Tips and Crime Watch)

SFPD Text a Tip - Mosio Mobile Solutions

For information on setting up Text a Crime Tip Software for Cities, Police Departments and Crime Watch Organizations. For info about Text a Tip Software for School and Campus Safety. Text a Crime Tip Poster – San Francisco Police Department Taken on Valencia Street in San Francisco, CA. Mobile Text Messaging Crime Tips (photo taken…
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