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5 Industries that Should Utilize Text to TV Screen Technology

Text to TV Screen

Part of the success and appeal of text to screen technology lies in its ability to serve such a wide variety of industries. This technology is accessible to anyone who has basic texting capabilities on their cell phone: a specified telephone number is given to participants at a particular event, allowing them to text comments,…
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Text Messaging News: Solving the customer service gap through mobile innovation, Texting Becomes a Health Tool in Kenya, Schools turn to smart phone apps in bid to identify bullies and help victims

Text Messaging Tip Program Launches in Monmouth County

Mobile-enabled payment systems improve services revenue collection Currently shaking an expensive smartphone in the air does nothing other than provide a friend for the shiny watch that may be sitting on your wrist, however many businesses are looking in to making a show of your smartphone even more meaningful. By using NFC, or near field…
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Text Messaging News: New Twist on the “House Call” by Doctors, Nonsensical texting may be only sign of stroke, Crisis hotlines turning to text to reach teens

Mobile Phone Program Helps Hearts Read More Nonsensical texting may be only sign of stroke Read More AAN: Texting Cuts Time to Stroke Treatment Read More New Twist on the “House Call” by Doctors Read More Crisis hotlines turning to text to reach teens Read More   Compiled by Mosio mobile messaging software. All copyright belongs…
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6 Great Mobile Apps for Law Students

As a law student, your time is valuable. From coursework to time spent in the library, organizing your time is paramount to your success as a student and soon-to-be lawyer. No matter what facet of the law you’re most interested in, from international arbitration to criminal law, these mobile apps (almost all of which are free)…
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Expert Q&A: Using Text Messaging for Student Services (Curtis Marsh, KU Info)

Curtis Marsh, Program Director, KU Info * Tell us about yourself and what you do at the University of Kansas. I work at the University of Kansas for a program called KU Info.  It’s a collaboration between KU Student Services and the KU Libraries.  The program provides the extended KU community a place to go…
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Sex and Health Education for Teens and Young Adults via Mobile Text Messaging – Private, Personal, Anonymous and Effective

Mosio: Text Messaging for Health Education Services

Mosio’s Mobile Text Messaging Solutions for Health Services There are a number of reasons health centers on campus and in the community are looking into new methods of communicating with Gen-Y, and it makes sense. In order to stay current and connected with teens and young adults, it is imperative to explore the technologies they…
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Mosio Mobile Information Systems – Text Messaging Info for Students & Education (Video)

Mosio mobile messaging systems enable teachers, administrators, counselors and student information specialists to set up mobile communications for students, increasing on-the-go access to campus information, reporting real-time emergencies or for questions and answers about classes, events, dates, etc. The service is web-based, accessible from any internet connected computer, with nothing to download or install and…
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Mobile Answers – About Mobile Software as a Service, Mobile Cloud Computing and the Future of Mobility

Mobile Answers

Mobile Answers – by Mosio Welcome to our new information, news and commentary resource on  technologies, software as a service, cloud computing and all things mobile. This site was created and is maintained by those of us who work at Mosio, creators of Text a Librarian, the award winning AskMosio Community and Mosio for Businesses,…
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