Events Texting for Audience Q&A and Surveys

Interactive text messaging software enabling you to communicate, engage, and collect data more efficiently from your audience.


Millions of questions, comments, and ideas have been shared by users at events, through hotlines, and mobile support channels.


Through live Q&A or surveys, users have a voice using the most used channel on mobile phones: text messaging.


Mosio Q&A uses the text messaging feature avaiable on 95% of all mobile phones. No app download is needed.

How it Works

Mosio Q&A enables you to provide audience Q&A sessions, live polls, or surveys at events, conferences, town halls, and company meetings, empowering your audience to ask (and answer) questions via text messaging from their mobile phones.

Easy-to-use text messaging software for audience engagement. Enable attendees to text in questions or respond to your surveys/polls with their own phones. With no app to download, it’s incredibly easy to use.


Perfect for Events, Conferences, and Meetings

With no apps to download, no microphone lines or passing out paper, Mosio Q&A enables you to create more interactive experiences using the most popular function on a mobile phone: text messaging.

“Wow, the guys at Mosio might be the coolest I’ve worked with. Quick, friendly, smart…”
– Christi Day McNeill, Southwest Airlines


Creating a more interactive experience for everyone, questions can be posted before, during, or after your event.


Easy setup, friendly tech support with a free trial so you can test it before your event, ensuring it works the way you want.


Cheaper, more accessible, and less complicated than mobile apps or audience response systems clickers. Perfect for all sized events.


One staff member can assist multiple users simultaneously and spend less “talk time” without a reduction in communication quality.

Our Happy Clients

Mosio Q&A is used by these wonderful organizations to improve their communications with interactive, audience Q&A, text-to-screen software.
“Mosio’s service was easier than I could have hoped for and their support is incredible.”
– Rebecca Burns, Director, Meetings & Conventions, National PA

“Mosio’s platform is intuitive and easy to use.”
– Jeff Davis, Hanley Wood Exhibitions

Core Features

Easy-to-Use Q&A Sessions, Surveys, TextChat, and Polls via Text Message


Add your own look and feel with a custom header in the navigation, moderate questions before they show up on the screen, or even use our “Host Post” option where you can type questions and have them display.


Deploying surveys and polls to your audience is completes the loop for a truly interactive event. Enabling them to ask questions via text messaging is just the beginning with Mosio. Whether you are looking to offer live polls, an easy to use audience response system, text message surveys, or audience voting, our system enables you to do it with ease.


Add more life and personality to your event with photos. Mosio’s text-to-screen system enables your live audience to take photos with their mobile phones and post them to your screen.

Sign up for a free trial in 60 seconds.


Additional Features

Made for interactive and engaging event experiences, before, during, and after the big show. Mosio Q&A is used year-round by some clients so they can keep in touch with attendees across smaller events or just leading up to the big one next year.

Interactive, Two-Way TextChat

Mosio Q&A enables you to receive and respond to questions or comments via text message. You can communicate 10-15x more efficiently than phone calls using mobile’s most popular channel.

One staff member can assist multiple users simultaneously and spend less “talk time” without a reduction in communication quality.

Easy Survey Design

Collect opinions, data, and ideas efficiently using our web-based surveys module. Download the collected data via excel for use later.

We count by attendees and the number of surveys, not by responses, text messages, poll questions, or the number of survey answers.

Mosio Q&A is Emoji-Friendly 🙂

Did you know recent studies show that 92% of the online population uses emojis? They’re a powerful communication tool, with research reporting that 62% of adults over the age of 35 consider themselves “frequent users.” The Mosio system supports them, so your audience can add a little flair and creativity to their questions or comments.

Great for All Event Types

“The initial setup was easy and quick. Truly the best technical support I have ever received.”

– Ryan Schniederjan, Information & Technology Committee Chair
American Association of Pathologist Assistants

Events + Conferences

Collect and respond to audience questions from any size event. From large conferences, to small, intimate meetings, use the power of text messaging to provide a more engaging experience for your audience.

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Mosio Enhances Audience Participation

Corporate Meetings + Town Halls

From team building to training to shareholder meetings, Mosio Q&A can be used to take questions or deploy surveys to gather feedback. Text messaging provides everyone with the chance to ask their questions and share their ideas.

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Healthcare + Pharma Events

Our collective backgrounds are in creating technologies for healthcare and clinical research. A version of that powerful software now helps provide audience Q&A for healthcare industry events.

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