Digital Way to Share STD Status Now Available in LAUSD

A new service has been created to help sexually active people have safe sex. Users of the service will be able to share with one another their own status in regards to sexually transmitted diseases straight from their mobile with the tap of a button. This service has been mainly targeted at young people who may not yet understand the importance of having safe sex. By using smartphones to share this information with one another, young people will feel right at home.

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Service lets kids report bullying via text message

Bullying is never a nice thing to experience, and many helplines out there are available to help those in need of help. A new service will allow children to quietly report to school officials if they are being bullied or if they’ve witnessed bullying themselves through the use of their own cell phones. Kids will be able to text a number for free to alert teachers about any bullying occurring. We think this is a great step to take as children at school can often feel pressured and too scared to make contact with an adult in person.

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Texting service for expecting moms

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Ozark Center takes counseling via texting community wide

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Mobile phones revolutionise youth creativity

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