Treating Asthma With Text Messages And Autism With Social Media

By using a simple text reminder, asthma sufferers are reminded to take care of their condition and take any medicine if they need it. This little reminder also makes sure that anybody with asthma isn’t left without their inhaler. Social media is also being used to help those with autism by slowly integrating them into social environments through controlled social websites like groupMe. This is proving to be very handy for those with types of autism like Asperger’s syndrome that limits a persons wants or needs to involved socially.

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Text messages and peer mentoring help the college transition

By allowing students to contact each other for help through text messaging, peers can mentor other students on how to keep up with the transition to college. Text messaging is usually a private ordeal so it allows students to talk to people who they may feel uncomfortable talking to in person when on college grounds and this gives space for students to discuss issues with peer mentors and then hopefully feel more comfortable with living in the environment they study in.

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County to expand texting program for mothers

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Mobile App Helps in Weight Loss Program

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Using Mobile Phone Technology to Ensure Fair Voting in the Middle East

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