Text Messaging Tip Program Launches in Monmouth County

Mobile-enabled payment systems improve services revenue collection

Currently shaking an expensive smartphone in the air does nothing other than provide a friend for the shiny watch that may be sitting on your wrist, however many businesses are looking in to making a show of your smartphone even more meaningful. By using NFC, or near field communications, businesses like the water utility company in this article will be able to receive payments through a simple physical exchange from a smartphone. There are a lot of issues to deal with before making this a safe system, but mobile payment could become  debit and credit cards of the future.

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Texting Becomes a Health Tool in Kenya

Thanks to mobile phones, and in particular inexpensive text messaging, those living in Kenya and other parts of Africa can now communicate quickly with one another. This becomes a very important tool for many reasons, but the most emerging use for texting involves health. By sending messages back and forth, Kenyans can keep an eye on one another’s health and make sure they are doing the best they can to stay healthy.

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Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office launches text messaging tip line

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Solving the customer service gap through mobile innovation

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Schools turn to smart phone apps in bid to identify bullies and help victims

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