Smartphone apps automating customer care work with analytics, reducing workload on staff

Because of the connectedness of smartphone technology, it becomes extremely easy to send, share and view files across large groups of people when everybody has a smartphone in their hand. Enterprises in India are taking advantage of this by offering statistics and information straight to staff smartphones, allowing members of a company to quickly check information whilst doing other tasks. This is helpful for many different areas of business, but this article seems to highlight the potential benefits for jobs in customer service and support.

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California goes mobile to educate farm workers on pesticide safety

A system in California has been put in place to help farmers ensure they are safely tending to their crops by providing educational videos readily available on smartphones to teach them about the dangers of mistreating pesticide and the plants they are growing. This system first started by offering farmers with text messages to help them do farming the right way, but this new video approach will help those who prefer to watch instead of read, and is also available in multiple languages to help with farmers who do not speak decent English.

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How to Improve Post-Sales Support through Mobile

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Healthy heart a smartphone away

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How smartphones are making customer care hi-tech

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