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Text Messaging News: A Text Message a Day Keeps the Asthma Attack Away, Flexible phone’s corners curl to tell you who’s calling, How Text Messaging Can Drive App Engagement and Revenues

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Photo: Researchers from the College of Computing at Georgia Tech have found that a text message a day may keep asthma attacks away, at least in teenagers. --

A Text Message a Day Keeps the Asthma Attack Away

A simple text message a day can help asthma sufferers keep track of their illness and treat it appropriately. A new study in Georgia has shown that those that receive just one text message a day that asks whether the user has had an asthma attack that day can help the sufferers to stay in tune with their illness. It’s easy to forget that you have asthma after not having an asthma attack for a long time, and because of this, many people may leave their respirators at home, and this could prove to be a bad choice when a sudden unexpected asthma attack hits. These daily texts will remind sufferers to keep their respirators with them to stay safe.

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Collier schools to start encouraging smartphones in the classroom

Most schools have a strict “no phones in the classroom” mentality. And when they can serve as a distraction to the owner of the phone and those around them, this is understandable, but as smartphones have emerged, some schools have decided to change their policies for the greater good. In Collier County, schools are actively encouraging students to use their smartphones as a tool in class and education instead of a device for social and recreational purposes. Each smartphone could potentially serve as a students personal computer and in the future we could even replace traditional school note books and planners with a simple school smartphone app.

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Next Generation device: Flexible phone’s corners curl to tell you who’s calling

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How Text Messaging Can Drive App Engagement and Revenues

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Smartphone Physicals Becoming Real Possibility

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