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Mobile Health Newsbyte: Beleaguered caregivers getting help from apps, Docs develop app to help pregnant women, Africa: Using Technology to Save Lives At the Community Level

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Beleaguered caregivers getting help from apps

Taking care of an ill person can be a very demanding task, and if it is a serious illness or condition, a caregiver’s job can become very stressful and hard to deal with. Thanks to smartphone apps though, caregiver’s lives around the world could be improved. Apps can now help caregivers to monitor certain medicinal supplement diets, keep track of the whereabouts of those they are looking after and provide tips from doctors on how to look after another person as best they can.

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Africa: Using Technology to Save Lives At the Community Level

Anything that can save lives is a hero in our books, and for that reason technology should be thought of as a rising hero. When used in the right hands, technology can be one of man’s greatest tools. Thanks to the growing usage of mobile phones in Africa, it is now becoming easier to track data through text messaging and other mobile methods and this makes it easier for officials to take note of disease trends and other important information for their communities.

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There’s An App for That: How mHealth Technologies Are Benefitting Patients

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Docs develop app to help pregnant women

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The Future of Mobile Technology in Medicine: Innovative Medical Apps

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