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Mobile Health News: Patients open to app prescriptions, The new age of cardiology: Heartbeats turn digital at country’s first paperless hospital, Mobile broadband revolutionizing how doctors save lives

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This is certainly exciting news. Dr Sajid Hakim, head of the cardiology department at Indus hospital has described what many are starting to call the first “paperless hospital” The Karachi-based hospital has integrated mobile right into the heart of the doctors’ daily work routines, and doctors will now be able to see important information about patients even if they’re not in the hospital at the time. It’s always nice to see technology being used to help save lives, and this hospital, that is primarily run on donations, has created a very heart warming story for itself.

The new age of cardiology: Heartbeats turn digital at country’s first paperless hospital

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If you’ve ever wondered how important a role smartphones and wearable fitness gear could play in the world of health, this article certainly explains it well. A lot of patients are using gear like FitBrit or smartphone apps to keep healthy, and doctors would be smart to integrate their own advice and reach out to patients through these devices. Smartphones in particular now play a huge part in our lives, and if you are like many other smartphone owners, it’d be rare to see you without your smartphone close to you or on your person.

mHealth: patients open to app prescriptions

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Mobility helps our docs provide faster, better care

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Emerging mobile health in Bangladesh

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Mobile broadband revolutionizing how doctors save lives

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