Health App Lets Doctors Offer Advice Via Mobile

As mhealth emerges, there is no doubt that we’ll hit a few snags that may cause issues and problems along the way, but there is also no doubt that mhealth could prove to be a very handy tool for our every day lives. A group of doctors have developed a free mobile app called iTriage that helps patients to keep an eye on their own health conditions and check in with doctors for any help they may need. Doctors can offer advice on a patients health via the app, giving communication between both a patient and a doctor even when neither are in a medical facility.

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Mobile Healthcare Technology Making It Easier For Patients and Physicians

A new app allows you to monitor your own blood pressure with a piece of equipment that can be bought for just $89. You’ll be able to make a report of your health with your blood pressure included and then send it straight to your physician who can then check for any signs of health issues and then send another report straight back to you. This allows for a quick method of communication between a patient and a physician and will help to make sure everybody can keep track of their health with ease.

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New mobile technology could revolutionise health care in the country

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Mobile phones effective in collecting data from HIV-positive pregnant women

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ECG into your mobile

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