5 technologies catalyzing change in personal healthcare

In the future, technology will start to play a larger part of our personal healthcare than ever before, and we’ll see new technologies rise up, and old technologies be rewritten. These new technologies will of course be beneficial both to our own personal health and to the health of those around us, and as researchers get further into developing new technologies, the more benefits we will gain from using technology to help take care of us.

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In the wake of a Boston tragedy, mHealth holds promise

This article is an interesting insight into how we’re already using our technology for mhealth without even realizing it. The Boston bombing was a terrible incident, but it showed victims use their smartphones to ensure that they are okay, and that everybody around them gets the support they need to make it home that day. Smartphones were used for calling emergency services and relatives, but it was also used for other reasons such as for check-ups on any injured people’s health conditions.

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Mobile Tech Helps NHS Reach Remote Patients

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Use of Mobile Health Care Apps on the Rise

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