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mHealth News: Bridging the gap in health services delivery, Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring Systems, Mobile – A Bridge Across The Gender Divide

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On-Demand Telemedicine Saves Lives and Saves £30K Per Patient

By being able to see and communicate with patients immediately via video telecommunication, the NHS in the UK has said that they are capable of saving £30k per patient! It sounds like a lot, but because of the quick communication between a doctor and a patient, those suffering from certain conditions or illnesses can use the doctor’s advice to avoid damaging themselves further. This is especially relevant in the case of  strokes, heart attacks or seizures, and will also help many other patients who are suffering from illnesses and could benefit from on-demand help.

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Mobile – A Bridge Across The Gender Divide

It’s always nice to see an insight into the lives of others across the world, even if the insight isn’t 100% positive. It can still help us to learn and better ourselves across the globe. A professional in the field of medicine documents her story in Egypt and her notice of the rise of technology involved with health care and treatment. She mentions how it has managed to improve the wellbeing of those in various countries, particularly those who are pregnant. It’s clear to see that mobile technology is helping to improve health care greatly, and there is still a lot of work that can be done.

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Bridging the gap in health services delivery

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Mobile devices and apps getting popular with radiologists

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Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

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