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Interactive text messaging software enabling you to communicate, engage, and collect data more efficiently.

Mosio Q&A Training Video: Quick Way to Setup Text to Screen for Events

This video shows how easy it is to setup text to screen for your event. You’ll learn how to: 1. Text a question into your Q&A System. 2. Launch the Presentation View (this is the browser you’ll project up onto the screen). 3. Select questions to project up onto the screen. 4. Update the Presentation…
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Is It an Effective Meeting if No One Asks a Question?

Issues & Solutions: How Text Software Helps to Increase Employee Participation Do you have an optimal level of staff participation at your company meetings? A recent conversation with a potential client had me considering the importance of constructive communication between staff and CEO. Unfortunately, these issues aren’t just limited to this potential client…Do any of…
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Benefits of Text Response for Event Leaders

Text Response for Events

Creating a back-and-forth dialogue with your audience can be tricky. Since great events and presentations often depend on quality audience participation, this aspect of event planning is not to be overlooked. Text-to-screen services, allowing the audience to respond to a question or comment through text messaging, can be an extremely beneficial tool for a presenter…
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