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Interactive text messaging software enabling you to communicate, engage, and collect data more efficiently.

Handy Tips and Tricks For Events:


Mosio for events has some interesting and useful features which you may want to use. Here are the top 3 that many of our clients use, and how to use them. 1) How to Change the Color on Your Text To Screen: One of the greatest features in Mosio for Events is the ability to…
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Mosio for Events Video: Text Messaging for Audience Q&A | Text to Screen Software

Text Messaging for Audience Q&A | Text-to-Screen Software¬† The most successful events are both engaging and interactive, but getting information to and from attendees can be difficult. Alerting everyone of updates and changes in real-time can be next to impossible. And attendees asking questions in sessions via microphones or writing on paper is simply inefficient.…
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SMS to Screen Solutions – 5 Things the Event Management Pros Know About Text Messaging at Events and Conferences

Mosio works with some of the best event management agencies, firms and consultants in the country. Event management pros acknowledge that one of the most effective ways to engage conference and other event participants is through technology. With SMS to screen services, event management pros know they can harness technology in an inclusive and innovative…
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Text Live, Real-Time Messages at Events – 5 Things Text Messaging Does that Conference Apps and Event Apps Can’t Do

When event management professionals consider what kind of technology to use for their events, many automatically think about smartphone apps. However, they are generally not the best choices for conferences. Instead, text messaging allows for more widespread and easy participation. 1. Text messaging data allows information to be available to everyone at the event. Apps…
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Text to Screen SMS Software – 4 ways to make mobile text messaging work better for you at your next conference or event

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Text messaging remains one of the most used mobile technologies around. In fact, more people read text messages than emails which makes it a more effective way of communicating information. Text messaging provides an excellent way to send out updates and other important information quickly, and for this reason, many event organizers are turning to…
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3 Reasons Fast Company Needed Text-to-Screen Text Messaging Services for Q&A at Innovation Uncensored

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Fast Company Could Have Benefited from Using Text Messaging to Let Audience Members Ask Questions I want to start by giving a big thanks to the Fast Company event team. Thank you sincerely for bringing together such an amazing group of people. Your event was truly motivating and I was in no way disappointed. There…
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With Event Mobile Messaging, Every Seat is Front and Center

With Event Mobile Messaging, Every Seat is Front and Center (Editor’s Note: Today’s post is by Ashley Spade, part of our “Consumer Viewpoint” guest post series about all things mobile) Corporate events and conferences can be a great learning experience. They can be, but often they aren’t. They can be huge, hard to navigate and…
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3 Reasons to Have Audience Text Questions and Information for Your Next Event, Speaker Session or Conference

Receiving text questions as an information source for your event attendees or audience members is a readily available resource that they can access from wherever they are, whenever they need it, and stay engaged, whatever the size of the audience. When I was a kid, I was one of those inquisitive ones. Whenever there was…
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Text 2 Screen | 5 Reasons Why Text Messaging for Polls and Audience Response Works

Text 2 screen polls and audience response are two of the easiest ways to get the people in the crowd involved in what’s going on with your event. Using text messaging, available on 99% of all mobile phones, makes that kind of participation available to everyone in the audience. A business colleague of mine came…
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6 Reasons to Rethink Creating a Mobile App for Your Conference, Event or Expo

1. Only 28% of mobile users in the U.S. have smart phones. What if 72% of your attendees couldn’t access your website or marketing materials. Would creating them be an acceptable use of time and money at your organization? 2. With literally hundreds of thousands of apps in the app stores, mobile app discovery is…
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SMS Alerts + Announcements for Conferences and Events

Engage Attendees via Mobile Messaging 4.1 Billion text messages are sent in the U.S. every day. 72% of U.S. adults regularly send and receive text messages. 94% of all mobile phone owners have text messaging included in their monthly plans. 90% of text messages are read by recipients. Text Message Alerts and Announcements keep attendees…
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Client Testimonial: Mosio’s Mobile Text Messaging Services for Events and Conferences

We absolutely love when clients are happy with our service. It might sound a bit cliche, but it’s true. We love happy clients because they make our job so much easier. With a few of us as parents or parents-to-be, we’re proud to have the PTA as a client. Taken from an article entitled PTA:…
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