The Text to Screen App That Isn’t an App at All

A great text to screen app increases engagement and audience participation.

Every successful event does one thing: it gets the audience’s attention and keeps it. What better way is there to do this than by asking for their participation to help guide the event? This may sound like the proverbial “easier said than done” advice, but it can be accomplished easily with a text to screen app!

These applications are great tools to help keep everyone in the audience interested because they can send in questions, comments and even images, which then show up on the large event screens for all to see.

Presenters can scan through the incoming texts to vet out anything inappropriate and to keep things moving along. Afterward, many, like Mosio, allow for the incoming information to be exported to a spreadsheet for review or answering later.

10 Benefits of Text to Screen Apps:
1 – Increased audience participation
2 – No equipment to buy or rent
3 – Everyone knows how to text
4 – No learning curve for the company
5 – Remove the anxiety of verbally asking questions
6 – No waiting in line at microphones
7 – Everyone can read the questions on the screen
8 – Questions are vetted in real-time
9 – Brand awareness
10 – Call to actions can be included

Not only are text to screen apps incredibly useful, but they are beneficial to a wide variety of businesses and events:
1 – Corporate conferences
2 – Churches
3 – Town Hall meetings
4 – Political rallies
5 – Sports arenas
6 – Trade shows
7 – Corporate training events
8 – Restaurants
9 – Bars & Nightclubs
10 – Coaching seminars

This list is by no means exhaustive. Texting apps are useful to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and make their event a memorable one. Your situation may be entirely different from anything listed, and we would love to hear how you would use the technology!

Drawbacks to Text to Screen Apps
You may be wondering if there are any drawbacks to these apps. There is one, and that is they require users to have a smartphone to be able to download the application and install it on their iPhone or Android. However, according to an Ofcom consumer research study performed in October 2016, only 77 percent of users in the United States have smartphones.

This data shows that 23 percent of users may not be able to interact with you at your event!

Is there any way you can increase the interactivity for all of your audience? There is, and the answer is to utilize a service that provides everything a text to screen app does, without requiring users to download an application.

Utilizing Text to Screen Without an App
Mosio understands that not all users at your event are going to have a smartphone, and we know it is important to you not to ostracize anyone for their choice of technology. That is why our service is not dependent on an app. The users can interact with your presenters by doing what they do on a daily basis: texting!

All that is required is that their phone has text messaging (SMS) capabilities – and that is 99 percent of the phones on the market today.

If you would like to learn how to make your next event interactive for everyone involved, contact Mosio today.

For more information about Mosio for Events pricing and plans, visit:

Benefits to Clinical Research Sites and Patients in Using Mobile Text Messaging Software

Clinical research sites become more successful and earn more studies by effectively completing clinical trials.  This means that as a site stays open, more clinical research trials are (hopefully) awarded to the site, and the site grows in the number of Principal Investigators, Sub-Investigators, and Clinical Research Coordinators.


For sites that have a plethora of clinical trials and are short on time, mobile text messaging software is a perfect way to easily ensure patient retention and compliance.  This software is an effective form of communication between patients and researchers.

Text messaging software benefits research sites…

Interactive text messaging software saves time from phone call and in-person visits, as it allows PIs and Coordinators to quickly respond to patient texts either in real time or at a convenient time throughout the day.  Sites can save time and money by minimizing the number of unexpected patient visits and providing support through texting software instead.  This is especially important for PIs, who often see patients at their clinics throughout the day and do not have an abundance of time to spend with patients face-to-face.

…and patients alike.

Patients benefit because they are able to get support at any time during a study.  Text messaging software provides a way for patients to ask questions and get clarification about their condition, medication, dosing, compliance, and appointments.  Patients are also able to message the research site any time a question comes up instead of writing these questions down and remembering to bring them up at a future appointment.  If a PI or Coordinator is not available right away, an automatic response can be set up so that the patient will know that the message was received and a research staff member will respond once available.

Text messaging software provides a vital mHealth technology for clinical research.  Helpful to both researchers and patients, it is the perfect platform for support in clinical trials of any phase, and increases retention and compliance, boosting overall success in clinical trial management.

Mosio’s TextChat Messaging provides all of these services, and more. Take a tour of TextChat at

Author: Emily Waller holds an Honors B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, has worked on numerous clinical trials, and as a medical & technical writer.  She writes to promote innovative ideas in healthcare, technology, and research within the online community.  She also loves photography, neuroscience, and household DIY projects.

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5 Must-Try Apps for Pharmacists

5 Must-Try Apps for Pharmacists – Guest Post by Zara

The apps on your smartphone make it worth the price. No matter you’re an IOS or Android user, there are a wide range of high quality apps available for various fields and uses. With new apps being launched everyday in the market, apps have made things easier for business people, social networkers, gaming and artists. However choosing the right app for you could be slightly overwhelming.


In this article I will list out the top 5 applications useful for pharmacists:

  • Epocrates:

The easy-to-use application aims beyond the point of care creating a better life for healthcare professionals and patients. This application is available at multiple price bars based on its features. The free edition, Epocrates Rx, provides access a health plan formulator, a medication connections checker, healthcare calculators, scientific updates and healthcare information. The application illustrates a list of OTC medicines which not displays images and shapes but also colour as well as the imprint code.

Compatible with: iPhone/iPod touch, Windows Mobile, Android, Palm, and BlackBerry

  • Lexicomp:

Lexicomp provides drug information software on smartphones. The data source features several indexes to facilitate searching and advanced routing to save time. The application has a daily update option, so you always have the most up-to-date scientific material at your convenience.

Lexicomp is partnered with the American Pharmacists Association and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

Compatible with: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Windows Mobile

  • OTC Guide App:

This application is a recent addition in the market. This apps displays the 2011’s results of  survey of pharmacist’s OTC recommendations straight away to your smartphone. Products are colour coded to help categorisation and better listing. This app is an efficient guide book for physicians, it collects its source from information based on surveys. OTC Product Recommendations for therapeutic categories include: Cough/Cold/Allergy, Diabetes Health Care, Oral Care, Fitness and others.

Compatible with: iPhone/iPod touch and iPad

  • Micromedex Drug Information:

This application is considered to have the friendliest interface compared to the other prescription drug applications. It is fast and easy, an effective tool for information on dosage amounts, statutory warnings, toxicology, adverse effects, and others in detail. Micromedex is the most reliable, trusted name in evidence-based clinical reference.

Compatible with: iPhone/iPod touch and iPad

  • Sigler Drug Cards:

This application is an ideal study source for the in-depth detailing of the 300 most commonly prescribed drugs, this app provides a full-color picture, FDA recommended doses, safety measures, side effects, shown chemical framework, and individual guidance tips.

The new version of the application has a well appreciated, first of its kind Quiz section.

Compatible with: iPhone/iPod touch and iPad

About the Author:
This guest post is contributed by Zara, financial guest blogger. At present she is focusing on ppi claims. catch her @financeport