SMS to Screen Solutions – 5 Things the Event Management Pros Know About Text Messaging at Events and Conferences

Mosio works with some of the best event management agencies, firms and consultants in the country. Event management pros acknowledge that one of the most effective ways to engage conference and other event participants is through technology. With SMS to screen services, event management pros know they can harness technology in an inclusive and innovative way. More and more conferences are making use of SMS to screen services for the following reasons:

1. SMS to screen services use carrier-approved short codes to ensure event-goers can send their messages and encourage them to participate.

Short codes are much shorter in length than phone numbers that individuals usually send text messages to. Designed to be easy to remember, short codes make it simple for event-goers to participate. Short codes mean a more profitable, popular and successful event.

2. Great tech support is an ultimate must.

Without it, it’s difficult to make an event run smoothly. If an event relies on technology — it has to be there or the event can’t run.

3. The screen and text message are great places for ad sponsorship.

When you add “brought to you by” at the end of your text messages, you get your sponsors names in front of the eyes of all your guests — meaning you’re more likely to get sponsorships.

4. Texting is catching.

Once one person starts to participate, others will immediately want to get involved in the unique technology — they’ll start pulling out their phones too.

5. The best software is web-based.

Event-goers and event management pros need to be able to access their software from anywhere — whether they want to trouble shoot or just respond to messages — accessibility is a must-have.

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Text Live, Real-Time Messages at Events – 5 Things Text Messaging Does that Conference Apps and Event Apps Can’t Do

When event management professionals consider what kind of technology to use for their events, many automatically think about smartphone apps. However, they are generally not the best choices for conferences. Instead, text messaging allows for more widespread and easy participation.

1. Text messaging data allows information to be available to everyone at the event.

Apps only work on smartphones and not everyone has a smartphone. But most people do have a cell phone. When you text live in real-time, you can reach everyone with a cell phone, regardless of the kind of phone.

2. Text messaging uses automatic confirmation messages to inform participants that their messages have been received.

While many apps use confirmations, they often take time to appear. When event managers use text messaging, however, participants who send text messages to the group using the group’s short code receive an automatic confirmation message to affirm that they’ve contributed.

3. Text messaging enables seamless communication between attendees and event organizers.

When text messaging is used, messages are received quickly, easily and automatically, so organizers know what participants are thinking or have questions about. And the best part is that organizers can immediately respond, satisfying their participants.

4. When organizers use text live, communication is available across phone types.

Smartphone apps must be developed for all operating systems. Texting can be used on any OS.

5. Texting services do not require app store approval like apps do.

Getting an app approved for sale in an app store is often a lengthy process that requires review by multiple phone providers. Event organizers who use texting live and in real-time can do so immediately.

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Text to Screen SMS Software – 4 ways to make mobile text messaging work better for you at your next conference or event

Photo Credit: Venues of Distinction

Text messaging remains one of the most used mobile technologies around. In fact, more people read text messages than emails which makes it a more effective way of communicating information. Text messaging provides an excellent way to send out updates and other important information quickly, and for this reason, many event organizers are turning to Text to Screen SMS software to encourage attendee participation and invite questions.

The following are four ways to make text messaging work for you at your next conference or event.

1. Placing screens all across the event can encourage ongoing interaction.

Using the Mosio text to screen software, anyone at the event can send messages to a designated number and have it projected onto the screens all over the event.

2. Mobile photo posting allows attendees to share photos of their social activities at the event.

The text to screen software can allow attendees to share their experience with everyone. Their photos will be projected onto screens, informing others while also encouraging participation by other attendees in that social activity.

3. Use it for Q&A sessions instead of microphones.

Rather than going around the room and having each person ask questions into a microphone, text messaging is an easier solution. More attendees may be willing to ask questions if they can remain anonymous.

4. Gather information and data from attendee and audience member SMS polls.

Audience Response Systems (ARS) can be expensive to rent. With 99% of mobile phones being text messaging-enabled, more people can participate in polling and questions. More data can be gathered from more attendees.

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Department of Transportation Text Message Alerts Software – SMS Alerts of Construction Projects from the North Dakota DOT

The North Dakota Department of Transportation now uses text messaging, Twitter and Facebook to alert citizens about construction updates in the Fargo metro area.

Information from the NDDOTFargo website:
Due to seasonal spring road conditions, motorists may travel on highways that have some areas of broken pavement and traffic speeds reduced throughout North Dakota. Motorists are urged to watch for road signs, obey posted speed limits and slow down according to road conditions.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) would like to inform motorists to monitor road conditions by visiting the Travel Information Map at Road condition information can also be found by calling 511 from any type of phone while in the state or 1-866-696-3511 from any out-of-state line.

Stay informed on NDDOT projects in the Fargo metro area. Choose the way you prefer to receive instant alerts.

Text ‘FargoDOT’ to 66746 to sign up directly from your mobile device. You can opt out at any time. Standard message rates apply.

Message & Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 66746 to opt-out. Text HELP to 66746 for help.
Privacy PolicySupport Contact / (701) 239-8900

Text and You Shall Receive – Text Messaging in Customer Relationship Management

Text and You Shall Receive

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is by Ashley Spade, part of our “Consumer Viewpoint” guest post series about all things mobile)

Could the days of calling a 1-800-HOLD-FOREVER be over?

As a consumer, I’ve probably been on hold for the equivalent of a few months. Months that I could’ve spent exercising, shopping, watching TV or even doing a 5000 piece cloud puzzle.

And, when a person finally comes on the line, I don’t want to be bitter and angry, because the tie-up isn’t their fault. But it’s hard not to be angry at someone.

 The endless frustrations of 1-800 numbers could possibly be left behind, thanks to wonderful world of text messaging. Imagine the ease of sending off a text message to Barry’s Auto Parts asking why the radio they installed won’t leave AM stations. It’s nothing urgent, so you don’t need a reply right away, but you want it fixed without getting on the phone and being on hold for three hours.

Text messaging could be a great alternative to call lines. While call lines may still be needed for more urgent requests, shooting off a text message and going on with your life while you wait for a reply is eons better than being on hold indefinitely.

Three Benefits of Texting

1) More Efficient Order Fulfillment:
Many of the hang-ups in delivery, ordering and customer satisfaction are due to complications with order fulfillment. If Barry’s Auto Repair Garage agrees to replace your radio, you probably think you’re golden. But, the truth is, Barry’s might rely on a third party for order fulfillment, meaning that your replacement radio is not in Barry’s hands.

Having a direct line to order fulfillment, whether it’s through communication with the service or through sending text updates directly to your phone, means that you know where your replacement radio is at all times. If there’s a delay, you know about it immediately, which eliminates a lot of confusion and frustration with Barry down the line.

2) Customer Feedback and Engagement:
It seems that many companies aren’t exactly sure what their customers want. Many brands have started to print codes for online surveys alongside receipts, usually promising 10% off for your troubles. These are great, but usually have to be completed within about ten minutes and redeemed within the next 2 hours. I’m exaggerating a bit, but in reality, those surveys are hard to complete on time. If we could complete a text survey and redeem the coupon directly on our phones, businesses would probably receive more feedback than they know what to do with. I can tell Barry that I received the radio and that my FM stations are coming through loud and clear. And in exchange, maybe I’ll get 15% off my next oil change.

This style of survey collection would make for better products or services, increased customer feedback and engagement, which makes us feel valued and which all leads to what businesses are really after: our loyalty.

3) Increase Customer Loyalty:
Feeling valued by a company instead of mistreated makes all the difference in whether or not we continue to come back. It’s much more expensive for companies to gain new customers than it is for them to keep an old one. Increasing customer loyalty is then in their best interest, and in ours too. I don’t want to sift through 16 auto repair shops and run the risk of being ripped off by Fred’s Greasy Garage. If I know that Barry’s shop does a great job, I’ll keep going back, and I’ll tell all my friends to text Barry when they need work done.

About the Author:
Ashley Spade is a law student in Chicago. When not pulling all-nighters at the library, she spends her time scouring thrift stores for vintage fashion treasures, reading case briefs while on the treadmill at the gym, and volunteering for local animal shelters. Follow the adventures of Ashley and her furry sidekick, Sir Winston Pugsalot the First, on twitter: @ashspade or check out her fashion blog: