Healthcare Prevention Services via Text Message

Health education and support accessible to all mobile users.

"Mosio is an excellent tool for health educators and health care providers! "
- Kori Wilford, Health Educator, Larimer County Public Health

Text Messaging Software for Health Education Services and Prevention

Answer questions efficiently from those on-the-go

Deploy a textline to provide information and support via text message. Mosio was built to make the responding process efficient for one health educator or many in collaboration.

Send alerts and reminders to educate and encouarge

Build an opt-in subscriber list to send out helpful information, alerts or reminders. With Mosio you have the option to let users reply back and engage in an interactive "TextChat" conversation.

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Mobile Patient Support Made Simple

Textlines, Information Services, and Support Lines

Mosio’s Two-Way TextChat allows professionals to interact with patients seeking information about topics such as sexual education, psychological issues, STD prevention, suicide, addiction, nutrition, and diseases.

Patients are able to privately and securely text their questions to a healthcare professional at any time, and do not have to worry about anyone overhearing a phone conversation, making them more likely to seek help. With TextChat, patients are always able to access healthcare resources and professionals.

Alerts and Notices

2012 PricewaterhouseCoopers survey results showed that 52% of patients believe that mHealth technologies will make healthcare more convenient. One direct application to making healthcare prevention services more convenient is the system of alerts and notices.

Text messages can be sent to groups of patients or individuals, and can be scheduled or sent in real time. Useful for contacting patients based on age, gender, or disease for routine appointment reminders, new information dispersal, check-ins, or time-sensitive notifications.

SMS Surveys

Our survey module makes it easy to create text message surveys to collect data or information. From detailed research to collecting simple feedback, Mosio is user-friendly for both health educators and users.

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