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PR+R: New Patient Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Finding new patient recruitment and retention strategies are a constant challenge in clinical trials. When strategies have to adapt to new technology or specific patient populations, it is easy to feel like you are drowning if you struggle to come up with ideas, recruit patients, or retain patients in your trials. Mosio has a new […]

Add Text Messaging to Your Clinical Research Study Budget

Text messaging has become a simple, cost-effective way to reach study participants and is now frequently used as a method of communication within research studies. Texting, along with other vital technological components, must therefore be considered in grant and study budgets. A few common hiccups make the budgeting process substantially more difficult than is necessary, […]

Journal of the International AIDS Society Study Leverages Mosio’s Technology

The Journal of the International AIDS Society study leverages Mosio’s Technology for text message surveys to assess HIV sexual transmission risks. The JIAS reported study, done in conjunction with the University of Connecticut was published on August 5, 2015 is titled HIV sexual transmission risks in the context of clinical care: a prospective study of behavioural correlates of HIV […]

How to Improve Recruitment with Text Message Alerts

Improving Patient Recruitment with Text Message Study Alerts Patient recruitment is one of the largest stressors for a clinical research site, as the excitement from a new study award can quickly turn to generating a complicated and task-intensive to-do list to recruit patients: Go through site records to find prequalified patients Call prequalified patients Follow-up calls […]

Improve Medication Adherence With Text Messaging During Clinical Trials

The success of clinical drug trials is dependent on the patient’s adherence to taking his or her medication in a timely fashion. One very effective solution is to improve medication adherence with text messaging during clinical trials. High medication adherence provides the data necessary to make claims that a new pharmacological intervention is superior to an […]

Text Messaging Uses in Electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO)

  Collecting patient data via paper diary is becoming outdated and is quickly being replaced by electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO). Although still newer to the clinical trial scene, ePRO already comes in many shapes and sizes, including telephone calls that use interactive voice response (IVR), computer interfaces, handheld devices, and most recently, text messaging on […]

4 Tips for Using Text Message Surveys in NIH-Funded Research

Many NIH-funded research studies depend on being able to have access to the largest number of people possible to ensure enrollment goals of qualified participant numbers are met. Text messaging is the most popular channel on mobile phones. 99% of mobile phones are text messaging-enabled and 90% of text messages are opened and read within […]

Clinical Trial Recruitment Success Via Text Messaging

Recruitment: the perpetually challenging aspect of clinical trials. As one of the most important parts of running a clinical trial (no patients, no trial, right?), recruitment is a large focus for those involved in clinical research.  However, even with numerous proposed patient recruitment strategies for effective recruitment, it seems as though it is still a […]

Integrating Mobile Technology Into Healthcare: A Clinical Trial Success Story

The effect of using Mobile health apps during a clinical trial weight loss study was explored in a Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine article. The study, titled “Integrating Technology into Standard Weight Loss Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Trial”, was 12 months long with 70 participants (mean age 57.7 years, 85.5% male) […]

Clinical Trial Promotion and Subscription via SMS

SMS and Email Subscriptions: A Case Study SMS has the ability to considerably increase email signups served by mHealth providers.  At least, that’s what a Zettasphere case study reviewed by Tim Watson, independent email marketing consultant, showed late last month. In the study run in the United Kingdom, Deal Monster created an ad for £5 […]

SMS Text Messaging is Key as Clinical Trials Patient Engagement Tool

At the start of this month, Eric Lazar, VP of Mobile CRM, wrote an article titled, “Why old-school Telehealth SMS is still a powerful mobile marketing tool.”  In the article, he outlines the slight obsession that the general population has with mobile technology. Okay, make that a huge obsession. Lazar brings up nomophobia, a fear […]

8 Reasons to Research Client Feedback With Mobile Phone Surveys

Before you next seek client satisfaction feedback at your agency or private practice, take a look at these eight reasons to consider using mobile phone surveys. Wide Availability – With an estimated 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions at the end of 2012 at an equivalent to 96% of the world population, there is no denying that […]