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Patient Recruitment and the Sponsor-Site Relationship

Build Intentional Relationships & Increase Recruitment Budgets to Improve Sponsor-Site Relationships The relationship between clinical trial sponsor and the investigative site is complex and not always optimized for successful patient recruitment. For many sites and sponsors, the relationship is strained, at best. From the site’s perspective, sponsors don’t recognize their hard work for increasingly complex […]

3 Ways to Increase Patient Retention in Clinical Trials

Patient retention: a phrase that makes clinical trial site staff groan almost as much as ‘patient recruitment’, or maybe even more depending on the site. Most clinical trial sites struggle with patient retention – how to keep patients involved in studies with active engagement while adeptly providing data to reach clinical trial outcomes. In fact, according to Forte Research Systems, […]

Market Your Core Indications for Optimal Patient Recruitment

Clinical trial sites traditionally market individual trials for patient recruitment using advertising materials and/or budgets given to them by sponsors. A sponsor-provided budget is typically $3000 – $5000, which isn’t much considering the cost of television, radio, and newspaper advertisements, printing, etc.  Even though advertising per trial is an effective strategy for filling studies in the short-term, […]

Why You’re Not Meeting Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trial Goals?

Patient recruitment for clinical trial is important for sites, sponsors, and CROs, as it affects the potential outcome and value of the clinical trial. For sites especially, meeting these goals is vital to keep a solid reputation and continue receiving study awards. Yet, according to Tufts CSDD, two-thirds of investigative sites fail to meet clinical trial patient […]

PR+R: New Patient Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Finding new patient recruitment and retention strategies are a constant challenge in clinical trials. When strategies have to adapt to new technology or specific patient populations, it is easy to feel like you are drowning if you struggle to come up with ideas, recruit patients, or retain patients in your trials. Mosio has a new […]

Add Text Messaging to Your Clinical Research Study Budget

Text messaging has become a simple, cost-effective way to reach study participants and is now frequently used as a method of communication within research studies. Texting, along with other vital technological components, must therefore be considered in grant and study budgets. A few common hiccups make the budgeting process substantially more difficult than is necessary, […]

Journal of the International AIDS Society Study Leverages Mosio’s Technology

The Journal of the International AIDS Society study leverages Mosio’s Technology for text message surveys to assess HIV sexual transmission risks. The JIAS reported study, done in conjunction with the University of Connecticut was published on August 5, 2015 is titled HIV sexual transmission risks in the context of clinical care: a prospective study of behavioural correlates of HIV […]

How to Improve Recruitment with Text Message Alerts

Improving Patient Recruitment with Text Message Study Alerts Patient recruitment is one of the largest stressors for a clinical research site, as the excitement from a new study award can quickly turn to generating a complicated and task-intensive to-do list to recruit patients: Go through site records to find prequalified patients Call prequalified patients Follow-up calls […]