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6 Ways to Engage Clinical Trial Patients with Text Messaging

The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) recently published their 2015 Perceptions and Insights Study. This study of over 12,000 research participants is “the largest global assessment of clinical research attitudes, perceptions, behaviors and experiences among the public and patients ever conducted.” Thus, we believe these results are solid, shed a […]

Six Ways to Use Texting to Provide Patient-Centered Care

As team members in research sites, we all want to keep our patients abundantly happy. Without our patients, we have nothing in the clinical trial process. In order to recruit patients and keep them coming back, patient-centered care is a practice that we need to start instituting. Patient-centered care is an idea at the forefront of […]

Optimizing Patient Adherence Via Text Messaging Concurrently with Web-Based Smoking Cessation Treatment

It is interesting to note that smokers—in the millions—turn to the internet for assistance to quit the bad habit of smoking. However, no matter how interactive or perfectly designed the website is, minimal engagement is seen when it comes to smokers quitting the habit. Thus, the concept of using text messaging in promoting adherence to […]

Overcome Recruitment + Retention Barriers (Patient Recruitment News for March 2016)

When it comes to recruiting patients for your clinical trials, you will definitely be faced with hurdles—sooner than later. Not only are these obstacles concentrated on the recruitment process, you are going to face more challenges as your clinical trial progresses, like patient retention issues. But did you know that there are plenty of pieces […]

The Effect of Text Messaging on Medication Adherence

At this point, most professionals in the healthcare industry have heard of the potential for text messaging to increase medication adherence. It’s one of the main ways that text messaging is being used in mHealth applications because it’s simple and effective! Just send a text to a patient, and they’ll remember to take their medication. Thus, medication […]

Join us at the ACRP 2016 Meeting & Expo in April!

Noel Chandler, co-founder and CEO of Mosio, was recently interviewed by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). The article, available on the ACRP blog, addresses the effect of the generation gap on mHealth adoption in clinical research. Check it out to see what Noel has to say! ACRP is also hosting a Meeting and […]

Patient Recruitment and the Sponsor-Site Relationship

Build Intentional Relationships & Increase Recruitment Budgets to Improve Sponsor-Site Relationships The relationship between clinical trial sponsor and the investigative site is complex and not always optimized for successful patient recruitment. For many sites and sponsors, the relationship is strained, at best. From the site’s perspective, sponsors don’t recognize their hard work for increasingly complex […]

3 Ways to Increase Patient Retention in Clinical Trials

Patient retention: a phrase that makes clinical trial site staff groan almost as much as ‘patient recruitment’, or maybe even more depending on the site. Most clinical trial sites struggle with patient retention – how to keep patients involved in studies with active engagement while adeptly providing data to reach clinical trial outcomes. In fact, according to Forte Research Systems, […]

Market Your Core Indications for Optimal Patient Recruitment

Clinical trial sites traditionally market individual trials for patient recruitment using advertising materials and/or budgets given to them by sponsors. A sponsor-provided budget is typically $3000 – $5000, which isn’t much considering the cost of television, radio, and newspaper advertisements, printing, etc.  Even though advertising per trial is an effective strategy for filling studies in the short-term, […]

Why You’re Not Meeting Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trial Goals?

Patient recruitment for clinical trial is important for sites, sponsors, and CROs, as it affects the potential outcome and value of the clinical trial. For sites especially, meeting these goals is vital to keep a solid reputation and continue receiving study awards. Yet, according to Tufts CSDD, two-thirds of investigative sites fail to meet clinical trial patient […]