Clinicoin – Blockchain Patient Engagement Platform

Clinicoin improves global health and wellness by connecting patients, providers, and developers via an open source blockchain patient engagement platform. Enhanced by a token-based rewards ecosystem, it pays users to be healthy while increasing engagement with the healthcare practitioners and organizations that help keep them that way.

We created Clinicoin based on our experience serving clients who use Mosio’s solutions to recruit, retain, and collect data from patients and study participants using their own mobile phones. Mosio has been innovating in the health industry for 10 years and several top clients are ready to hit the ground running with Clinicoin.

Rewards, incentives, and gamification elements can improve patient engagement, but many healthcare and research organizations have been hesitant to use it. With a proven track record providing mobile health and blockchain solutions, Mosio created Clinicoin to utilize the power of open source technologies, leverage the usefulness of mobile messaging as a communication tool, and deliver the power of rewards in health.

Clinicoin’s mission is to connect people, providers, researchers, and developers in delivering on the true potential of health technologies, worldwide. We believe that collaboration, not competition, will be the driving force behind the success of global health and wellness.

Utilizing mobile technologies, human social interactions, and the blockchain, Clinicoin seeks to empower people in their health and wellness, while providing organizations with simple, affordable, and innovative tools to achieve desired health outcomes in the digital age. By harnessing Mosio’s signature secure, two-way messaging technology, users can connect with doctors, pharmacists, clinical researchers, fitness instructors, and other health and wellness professionals directly on Clinicoin.

The healthcare industry is in a communications paradigm shift. People have more access to information than ever before. They’re mobile-ready and using technology to track and manage their health. Even so, they make poort or uninformed choices regarding their health and wellness. Up to half of all premature deaths (before age 80) in the U.S. are due to behavioral and other preventable factors.

Mosio’s mobile messaging platform has been utilized to assist, alert, remind, and manage survey data from millions of users, and that’s just the beginning. Coupled with the Clinicoin rewards engine and an open-source platform, these powerful, yet simple programs can be designed to improve and extend the lives of millions of people.

Looking for a patient engagement or data collection solution that works on every mobile phone? Contact us

Looking for a patient engagement or data collection solution that works on every mobile phone?

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