Text Messaging News: Flying by Text Message? OMG!, Kalamazoo-area smart phone users warned of tornado threat, Counselling via text messages

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Kalamazoo-area smart phone users warned of tornado threat, whether or not they asked to be

Whilst technology is growing to better predict upcoming natural disasters, for many people there’s often not a warning before something actually happens. One solution to this problem is to send out a message to everybody in the area as soon as a natural disaster, such as a tornado, is predicted to hit. That is what happened to an area in America as locals were surprised to find a message received on their smartphones warning them of an upcoming tornado and to seek shelter. Seeing as smartphones are on our personal selves so often, it makes for a perfect use for sending out emergency warnings.

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Flying by Text Message? OMG!

Okay, so while texting whilst driving may be considered unsafe, pilots in Canada are turning to their mobile phones more often to send and receive texts while flying. However, instead of chatting with friends or texting home to ask what’s for dinner, pilots are communicating with each other to help them learn of any unpredicted change in flight paths to ensure there aren’t any collisions. This is a bit strange when the opposite happens on the road back down on Earth.

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Dinner Made Easy Program is Made Easier with Text Messaging Aimed at Families in Need

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Counselling via text messages

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SMS-based literacy programme: Education may be just a text message away

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