Mobile Newsbyte: Physicians Communicate Through Text Messaging, Therapeutic Text Messages, Skin Cancer Prevention via SMS

Most pediatric hospital physicians communicate through cell phone text messaging

According to research, a lot of pediatric physicians use mobile text messaging rather than pager method in communicating with colleagues to requests for assistance or transmitting questions. This is shown in the study entitled “Text Messaging as a Means of Communication among Pediatric Hospitalists”.

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What Types of Therapeutic Text Messages Do People in Recovery Want?

Short messaging servicing technique has been used as tool for intervention programs. The survey shows several messages people in recovery wanted to receive such as recognition as to number of days clean, likes friends to be notified, wanted a therapist be informed if he or she is going to relapse.

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Africa: New UN Initiative Uses Mobile Technology to Help Fight Non-Communicable Diseases

Mobile Technology via text messaging and applications was launched in Africa as part of tackling non-communicable illness to the public. These diseases are some of the leading causes of death both in developed and emerging countries. Disease prevention, control and treatment can be addressed in a wider spectrum via mHealth innovation.

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Skin cancer prevention via text message

Texting is an effective way of getting the attention of middle school children, whom The University of Arizona Cancer Center started sending text messages about skin cancer prevention. The result shows that children were very positive about the program and showed their interest by quoting   “I learned a lot from them” or “I think it’s a pretty cool way to get information”.

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Texting more Popular than Talking on Phone

According to the study conducted by Ofcom, many people now prefer texting rather than calling on phone. People are now more on quick text messaging instead of having a face to face conversation as well.

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mHealth News Bytes: mHealth Initiative in Africa, Mobile Tech Improves Health Monitoring, Boost Mobile Health Care Adoption


Health eVillages launches new mHealth initiative in Africa

An organization by the name of Health eVillagers introduces a new mHealth program in Africa. This program aims to deliver video learning and continuing education tools for medical professionals to help them be informed of the newest clinical procedures. Fully loaded handheld devices were provided equipped with specialized medical reference content and clinical decision support tools.

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ÂŁ4.7m health tech funding on offer

Northern Ireland offers a great deal of funding to companies willing to invest in innovations and cutting edge technologies for patient’s healthcare. This aims to attract investors in lined with health to do their studies and research in Northern Ireland.

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mHealth technology improves monitoring and therefore cuts costs in healthcare industry

 The Healthcare industry can cut costs with the aid of mHealth Technology. Hospitals can monitor their consumer devices at home via broadband access, thus eventually reduces the costs needed to perform the process.

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An app a day to keep the doctor away?

mHealth improves the way consumers gain health related information via any App driven devices available. Gadgets such as smartphones can be used to monitor their health and fitness, look for counselling and other possibilities easily just by simply accessing the web in their devices.

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How to boost adoption of mobile health care, by report

To improve the adoption to mobile health care, manoeuvring the major obstacle of general notion of change in the healthcare industry is needed.  Healthcare and mHealth works hand in hand in delivering services to consumers in a faster, convenient ,better and cost-efficient way.

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8 Great Text Messaging Uses for Communicating with Field Technicians

Working out in the field can be stressful and time consuming. For businesses who depend on the efficiency of technicians to increase revenues, every minute counts. Text messaging offers significant advantages over phone calls when it comes to communicating in the field, including time-shifting (enabling each party to reply when it’s convenient for them), avoiding “voicemail tag” and quick sharing of information with anyone needing to repeat it or write it down.

The most important thing for companies to consider when using text messaging is to use a system that makes it efficient for them to receive and respond to text messages from field technicians. There’s no point in your managers/dispatchers to be sitting in the office texting when they can type on a keyboard as well.

8 great uses of text messaging for communicating with field technicians.

1. Status Updates
Enabling technicians to report quickly from the field provides managers/dispatch with real-time information about how things are going without hounding or spending any time on the phone.

2. Upsell Opportunities
There is no greater opportunity to offer a client new products or services than when you are at their location in front of them. Text messaging lets companies provide their technicians with opportunities to offer specific additional services to customers based on their purchase history or needs.

3. Where’s my next job?
It seems simple, but so much time can be saved using text messages to answer this question. If your company uses text messaging to give status updates, dispatch can proactively send this information so technicians can begin thinking of the next service call as soon as possible.

4. Heads up info about the next service call.
No one wants to go into a client situation unprepared. Whether it is letting technicians know about animals, their point of contact or history about the last service call, sending a quick SMS with information about the next job gives them the information they need to succeed.

5. Purchase orders, job orders and cost sharing.
Every company does things differently, so there’s no reason to go into specifics, but being able to send/receive information without having to hear it, then write it down is always going to be more efficient and avoid mistakes.

6. Directions, maps and location based information.
Sometimes you get lost. It happens. GPS can help, but what about finding a store close to where you are to help you get what you need faster? Along the same lines as #5, anything sent and received by texting is more efficient than writing it down.

7. Efficiently receive and respond to support questions.
Anytime technicians are away from headquarters they are at a disadvantage. They don’t have all of the information, don’t have face-to-face access to project managers or sales people who sold the job. Being able to text in a quick question, continue working, then get an answer saves the company time and gives the technician the support they need to get the job done quickly and correctly.

8. Order parts quickly.
In a perfect world everything technicians needed for a job would be in a warehouse on wheels. Until that happens, the faster they can communicate parts needed, the quicker those parts can be ordered and sent.

If you have any other uses you’re seeing out in the field, please feel free to post them in the comments.

Noel Chandler
Mosio’s FieldForce