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Interactive text messaging software enabling you to communicate, engage, and collect data more efficiently.

Hospitality News: Room Service via Mobile, Hotel Mobile Technology, Future Hotel Rooms

The first hotel to use fully integrated mobile technology to enhance customer experience Read More New app to let hotel guests order room service from their mobiles Read More Going hi-tech with sports simulators Read More Lake District hotel one of the first to employ ‘wave and go’ technology Read More Future hotel rooms will…
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Mobile Health News: Mobile Health for Salivary Diagnostic Platform, Pediatric Hospitals Using Text Messaging, Text Alerts

  Mobile health gaining popularity Read More Mobile health startup sees opportunities for salivary diagnostic platform for diabetics, cancer Read More Mobile health camps to find HIV and STD patients Read More More Pediatric Hospitals Using Text Messaging to Communicate Read More Text alerts in bid to cut number of hospital no-shows  Read More  …
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10 Reasons You Should Be Texting with Students, On or Off Campus

We are contacted regularly by administrators, librarians and educators interested in text messaging with students for a variety of reasons. We’re not talking about campus emergency SMS blasting. While it is a valuable security tool for alerting students and faculty of danger in real-time, we specializing in conversational, two way text messaging. Essentially it is…
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Expert Q&A: Using Text Messaging for Student Services (Curtis Marsh, KU Info)

Curtis Marsh, Program Director, KU Info * Tell us about yourself and what you do at the University of Kansas. I work at the University of Kansas for a program called KU Info.  It’s a collaboration between KU Student Services and the KU Libraries.  The program provides the extended KU community a place to go…
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5 Great Uses of Text Messaging for Mobile Workforce Communications

People are texting more than they are talking on their mobile phones. While many businesses are using text messaging as a great marketing or customer service tool, more companies are realizing that text messaging is a more efficient way to communicate with employees, independent contractors and franchisees as well. Mobile messaging makes it easy to…
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The Competitive Advantages of Mobile Text Messaging: Stats, Facts, and Figures

Text Messaging Makes Businesses More Competitive Clients often ask us about how text messaging provides them with an edge over their competitors. If you know your company needs to be mobile, why use text messaging? Our short answer is “because every phone is text messaging-enabled and nearly every mobile consumer in the U.S. has it…
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