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Interactive text messaging software enabling you to communicate, engage, and collect data more efficiently.

mHealth News: Mobile phone health schemes ‘could save Europe €200 billion’, EHRs could use an infusion of mobile technology, Canadians eager for more virtual, mobile healthcare solutions

Apps like Bant (shown above), a free app under development by the University Health Network in Toronto, allow Type 1 diabetes patients monitor their blood sugar levels to help manage their condition.

Mobile phone health schemes ‘could save Europe €200 billion’ Not only can mhealth be convenient for both patients and doctors, but it could also prove to be very cost worthy too. This article by the Telegraph states that mobile phone health schemes could save Europe 200 billion euros. The savings are for many reasons but…
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mHealth News: mHealth-As-A-Service Could Change Mobile Health, Smartphones Are Revolutionizing Home Care For Alzheimer’s And Autism Patients, CDC proposes smartphone surveys for quicker reads on public health

CDC proposes smartphone surveys for quicker reads on public health What better way to gather data than to ask those you’re looking for data from to answer questions about their health straight from their smartphones? Smartphones are a piece of technology that are immediately available to millions of us worldwide, and a large percent of…
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Hospitality News Update: Hotels get more creative with digital screens, Restaurants turn to smartphones, tablets for orders and more, NFC technology trial to begin at McDonald’s in Canada

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has eight large floor-to-ceiling video columns that use photography and film to tell a story.

Hotels get more creative with digital screens By using digital screens, hotels are displaying digital art to please customers and keep things looking pretty. What I love about the idea of using digital screens is that it’s incredibly easy to change what is on the screen, meaning you can suit up the hotel for whatever…
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8 Interesting Stats from IDC and Facebook’s “Always Connected” Report

IDC and Facebook’s New Research Report “Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged” is filled with good info-nuggets. We encourage you to read the 25 page report, but for those on the move, we’ve boiled it down for you. No pretty pictures or graphics below, but there are definitely some on the report,…
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