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mHealth News: Mobile phone health schemes ‘could save Europe €200 billion’, EHRs could use an infusion of mobile technology, Canadians eager for more virtual, mobile healthcare solutions

Apps like Bant (shown above), a free app under development by the University Health Network in Toronto, allow Type 1 diabetes patients monitor their blood sugar levels to help manage their condition.

Mobile phone health schemes ‘could save Europe €200 billion’ Not only can mhealth be convenient for both patients and doctors, but it could also prove to be very cost worthy too. This article by the Telegraph states that mobile phone health schemes could save Europe 200 billion euros. The savings are for many reasons but…
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Text Messaging Newsbyte: Treating Asthma With Text Messages And Autism With Social Media, Mobile App Helps in Weight Loss Program, Using Mobile Phone Technology to Ensure Fair Voting in the Middle East

Treating Asthma With Text Messages And Autism With Social Media By using a simple text reminder, asthma sufferers are reminded to take care of their condition and take any medicine if they need it. This little reminder also makes sure that anybody with asthma isn’t left without their inhaler. Social media is also being used…
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Events and Conferences Newsbyte: Smithsonian Magazine Launching Tech, Science Conference, Buying Technology Can Be Tricky, 6 Steps for a Successful International Meeting

Buying Technology Can Be Tricky Who would have thought that technology could get to a point where it’s so universally accepted that the amount of different technology companies in the world can sometimes make it hard to know what to buy and why. Just like in every other business, there will always be companies trying…
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Mobile Health News: Tablet to alleviate physician pain points, Apps for Heart Health, Changing Doctor/Patient Care

Cardiac patients will benefit from digital health technologies Read More A tablet to alleviate physician pain points Read More New technology helps doctors link patient’s location to illness, treatment Read More Apps for heart health: What doctors love Read More mHealth: Changing Doctor/Patient Care Read More   Compiled by Mosio mobile messaging software. All copyright belongs…
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Text Messaging News: Rwanda’s Health Care Success Story, Text Messages More Helpful Than In-Person Provider Visit, AN EFFECTIVE HIV PREVENTION INTERVENTION

Men texting

New Smartphone App And Mobile Website Help FirstEnergy Utility Customers Stay Connected Read More Rwanda’s Health Care Success Story Read More Report: Patients Say Text Messages More Helpful Than In-Person Provider Visit Read More Health Notes: Text service for suicide prevention sees heavy use Read More TEXT MESSAGING AS AN EFFECTIVE HIV PREVENTION INTERVENTION FOR…
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Hospitality Bulletin: iPhones Debut in OPUS Vancouver Guestrooms, Hotel ICON Takes Guest Service to Another Level, Paradisus Resorts Launches Application

Mobile technology to meet the hotel industry Read More iPhones Debut in OPUS Vancouver Guestrooms Read More Hotel ICON Takes Guest Service to Another Level with New FCS i-Guest Technology Read More Can hotels chill out when it comes to multi-device websites? Read More Paradisus Resorts Launch Mobile IPhone & Android Application Read More  …
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Hospitality News: Room Service via Mobile, Hotel Mobile Technology, Future Hotel Rooms

The first hotel to use fully integrated mobile technology to enhance customer experience Read More New app to let hotel guests order room service from their mobiles Read More Going hi-tech with sports simulators Read More Lake District hotel one of the first to employ ‘wave and go’ technology Read More Future hotel rooms will…
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Mobile Newsbytes: Texting Increases Survey Truthfulness, Skin Cancer Prevention via SMS, Consult a Doctor on a Smartphone

Texting Increases Survey Truthfulness, Skin Cancer Prevention via SMS, Consult a Doctor on a Smartphone In this week of Mosio’s Mobile Newsbytes, we find out more about the growing popularity of mHealth from the viewpoint of doctors and patients, people taking surveys via text messaging are more likely to answer truthfully, skin cancer prevention via…
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Benefits of having a Mobile Website

Editor’s note: this is a guest post from Neil Jones, head of marketing at eMobileScan. Mobile websites are the latest craze, since they can be accessed through smart phones which have become a vital part of our lives. Smart phones and tablet computers are the hottest selling items today, and website owners need to have…
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6 Reasons to Rethink Creating a Mobile App for Your Conference, Event or Expo

1. Only 28% of mobile users in the U.S. have smart phones. What if 72% of your attendees couldn’t access your website or marketing materials. Would creating them be an acceptable use of time and money at your organization? 2. With literally hundreds of thousands of apps in the app stores, mobile app discovery is…
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