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Interactive text messaging software enabling you to communicate, engage, and collect data more efficiently.

Mobile Health News: Innovative Medical Apps, Siberian smartphone device texts ovulation alerts, Telemedicine helps treat patients in Acadiana


Mobile technology could save billions of dollars on health care costs Who’s keen for the idea of saving billions of dollars? Everybody we hope! Being able to cut costs without cutting corners can really help the daily lives of you and everybody around us by allowing governments to spend money elsewhere on other important aspects.…
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Text Messaging News: Virgin America encourages passenger flirting with seat-to-seat texting, Have Anxiety? There’s an App for That, Mobile customers using online self-service more satisfied

Teenage girls using cell phones

Have Anxiety? There’s an App for That Mental illnesses like anxiety can be hard to deal with- they can affect us all, but when walking past someone with such a mental illness, it’s very hard to spot in someone, and because of this many people don’t understand when someone may be depressed or suffering from…
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Events and Conferences News: How Technology is Helping Shape Business Events, A New Tech Resource for the Events Industry, 3 Simple Ideas that Made my Video Conferences Better

How Technology is Helping Shape Business Events This article accurately points out the differences between nowadays office work and business events to the office work and business events of the past. The difference since then is amazingly huge, and as we’ve lived every day since then, it may take a minute to realize just how…
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mHealth News Byte: In South Africa – Using Mobile Technology to Improve Maternal Health Access, Mobile Technology Is Transforming Healthcare, Growing ‘App’etite for Mobile Health

In South Africa, Using Mobile Technology to Improve Maternal Health Access This article highlights an amazing story about a first time mother in South Africa that uses routine text messages from her local doctor to learn more about how to look after her child and what the best tips and hints are to look after…
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Text Messaging News: A Text Message a Day Keeps the Asthma Attack Away, Flexible phone’s corners curl to tell you who’s calling, How Text Messaging Can Drive App Engagement and Revenues

Photo: Researchers from the College of Computing at Georgia Tech have found that a text message a day may keep asthma attacks away, at least in teenagers. -- http://c.gatech.edu/18u1GD

A Text Message a Day Keeps the Asthma Attack Away A simple text message a day can help asthma sufferers keep track of their illness and treat it appropriately. A new study in Georgia has shown that those that receive just one text message a day that asks whether the user has had an asthma…
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mHealth NewsByte: 5 Useful Mobile Apps From The US Government, Apps could usher in mobile health revolution, EHRs and mobility: Right from the start

5 Useful Mobile Apps From The US Government So, although it’s unlikely we’ll ever see an Angry Birds White House edition, the US government have released some mobile apps, and some of them could prove very valuable to you. This article points out 5 apps that you may not know about that could be useful…
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Text Messaging Newsbyte: Treating Asthma With Text Messages And Autism With Social Media, Mobile App Helps in Weight Loss Program, Using Mobile Phone Technology to Ensure Fair Voting in the Middle East

Treating Asthma With Text Messages And Autism With Social Media By using a simple text reminder, asthma sufferers are reminded to take care of their condition and take any medicine if they need it. This little reminder also makes sure that anybody with asthma isn’t left without their inhaler. Social media is also being used…
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Mobile Health Newsbyte: Beleaguered caregivers getting help from apps, Docs develop app to help pregnant women, Africa: Using Technology to Save Lives At the Community Level

Beleaguered caregivers getting help from apps Taking care of an ill person can be a very demanding task, and if it is a serious illness or condition, a caregiver’s job can become very stressful and hard to deal with. Thanks to smartphone apps though, caregiver’s lives around the world could be improved. Apps can now…
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mHealth News: mHealth-As-A-Service Could Change Mobile Health, Smartphones Are Revolutionizing Home Care For Alzheimer’s And Autism Patients, CDC proposes smartphone surveys for quicker reads on public health

CDC proposes smartphone surveys for quicker reads on public health What better way to gather data than to ask those you’re looking for data from to answer questions about their health straight from their smartphones? Smartphones are a piece of technology that are immediately available to millions of us worldwide, and a large percent of…
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Reduce the Stress on Your Recruiting Call Centers: Use Mobile Surveys to Pre-Screen Research Patients


Calling: Unknown Number.  Should you answer it?  You can just let it go to voicemail and call back if it turns out to be something important.  One less time you have to talk on the phone… Although many people may qualify for research studies, a number of these potential study patients never receive all of…
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4 Reasons Text Messaging Should Be More Widely Used In Clinical Trials

Photo by Emily Waller

As clinical trials continue to expand, making use of mobile healthcare (mHealth) technologies is vital for success.  Text messaging is a particularly promising mHealth technology for several reasons: 1.     Easy, Effective Reminders People are always checking their phones: over a nice dinner at a restaurant, while walking across the street, under the table at a…
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mHealth News Bytes: mHealth Initiative in Africa, Mobile Tech Improves Health Monitoring, Boost Mobile Health Care Adoption

  Health eVillages launches new mHealth initiative in Africa An organization by the name of Health eVillagers introduces a new mHealth program in Africa. This program aims to deliver video learning and continuing education tools for medical professionals to help them be informed of the newest clinical procedures. Fully loaded handheld devices were provided equipped…
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