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Mobile Health Newsbyte: Beleaguered caregivers getting help from apps, Docs develop app to help pregnant women, Africa: Using Technology to Save Lives At the Community Level

Beleaguered caregivers getting help from apps Taking care of an ill person can be a very demanding task, and if it is a serious illness or condition, a caregiver’s job can become very stressful and hard to deal with. Thanks to smartphone apps though, caregiver’s lives around the world could be improved. Apps can now…
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Mobile Health News: How mobile phones save lives, mHealth Apps: The Future Of Medicine, The Rise Of mHealth

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Wellness by number: How mobile phones save lives Read More Health Check: Technology in Healthcare Read More mHealth Apps: The Future Of Medicine Read More Bipolar patient develops mHealth app to help track mood disorders Read More The Rise Of mHealth Read More Compiled by Mosio mobile messaging software. All copyright belongs to original owners.