Why Should You Use Text Messaging When Considering Event Technology Services?

Everyone wants to be able to maximize engagement at their events, to bring in new ideas, or find solutions to possible issues. One way to encourage more participation in events is to allow them to easily provide feedback or ask questions. There are many event technology services available to help increase engagement from attendees. However, text messaging stands out as being one o the best choices when it comes to increasing engagement and participation at your event.

Text messaging stands out as being one of the best event technology services because it not only works, but it is simple and easy to use. 98% of phones can send and receive text messages and 95% of cell phone owners text multiple times a day every day. For that reason, text messaging is an attractive event technology service to use.

When you are looking at the different event technology services available to you, you need to take cost into consideration. A lot of event technology services can be expensive, bulky, and complicated to set up and use for your attendees. There are many companies who avoid a Q&A session altogether, because they don’t want the headache associated with it. Text messaging can really save the day here, as there is no other equipment to rent or buy, and no lengthy or complicated set up is needed. Everyone has their own cell phone, and almost no one leaves home without it.

There are some that also use Facebook or Twitter for their feedback and Q&A sessions. However, these technologies still can’t be fully utilized because not everyone will be able to use them. Also, if you have any sensitive information, anyone can find it if you post it on twitter.

So, you can’t really depend on social media sites for Q&A sessions, but texting doesn’t have any of the issues that social accounts have. Text messages are more secure, because they can be deleted easily by the end user, and it isn’t as likely someone will hack into a phone as it is a social account.

As you can see, text messaging has a lot of distinct advantages over other event technology services. So, if you haven’t thought about using text messaging at your next event, we would suggest you do. It’s affordable, easy to use, and can really increase engagement.

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