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Events and Conferences News: Digital Attendee Herding, Social Media Connections: The Rise of Virtual Courses, PCMA Education Conference: The Future of Meetings and Events

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Digital Attendee Herding

There are applications out there that take use of a smartphone’s GPS capability and turn it into a clever marketing tool. Apps such as Foursquare are ‘social location apps’ that encourage users to check-in to locations on their arrival. Doing so could net the user of Foursquare a special bonus for the place they’ve arrived at such as a voucher or coupon code. By arriving at destinations, a user would also be sharing their check-in with all of their friends on Facebook and Twitter, making Foursquare a perfect tool for reaching out to new people.

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Planning an Event? Use Digital Technology to Make It That Much Better

Event planning can be a whole lot easier when using digital technology to help you with some event-planning tasks. You can create a buzz both online and offline, and offer a more interactive induction to those potentially interested in attending your event. This article points out some really neat ways to make the most of digital technology in the event planning process, and if you’re an event planner, some of them could really speed things up or improve things for you.

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Social Media Connections: The Rise of Virtual Courses

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Know Your Attendees: ExpoNext Conference Wrap up

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PCMA Education Conference: The Future of Meetings and Events

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