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Events and Conferences News: 9 Tips to Make Your Event Mobile-Friendly, Technology that Creates an Interactive Experience, Technology streamlining the planning, staging of large meetings

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9 Tips to Make Your Event Mobile-Friendly

If you are planning an event, being able to make your event mobile friendly will help to build interest, make things easier for those attending the event, and help to leave a mark after the event has finished. Mobile and smartphones are now such a large part of our lives that having something ready and optimized for mobile is like having that something readily available in another language. This article points out 9 tips to make your event more mobile optimized and how it can help.

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Technology that Creates an Interactive Experience

It’s easy to create a gathering and then simply talk about something at an event and have a traditional questions and answers session at the end, but if you want to make your event truly interactive, there is a lot of technology out there to help. Both mobile and other digital platforms can be used to truly make your event special, and it can help to make a mark in your attendees minds that they won’t forget. We think this is a great article to help point out some technology ideas that could help spark some inspiration for your own event.

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State of the Industry 2013: Event technology

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Technology streamlining the planning, staging of large meetings

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US Technology: Five tech trends transforming corporate events

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