Increase Efficiency in Event Coordination With Text Messages

In order to truly have a successful event, you need to have the proper coordination. If you do not coordinate and organize the event properly, you can’t expect it to be a success. There are a bunch of different technologies out there for helping coordinating events. You have ARS (audience response systems), Live Responding, and text messaging among others. However, of all the technologies available, text messaging is at the top of the list.

Text messaging is at the top of the list because it is the only way to send out alerts and update to attendees even if they are not on site. Sometimes a venue, a time, or other important change can happen at the last minute and you need to be able to alert your attendees to the change. This is one of the biggest challenges event coordinators face, because it is often difficult to get the information out to all the attendees. Text messaging can reach at least 95% of your attendees because 98% of all cell phones can get text messages, and almost everyone reads their text messages immediately.

Text messaging can also be incorporated in the Q&A session of your event as well. In the past, people at an event used to have to wait their turn and stand up in front of a microphone and ask their question. Text messaging takes care of that issue. Also, text messaging is the only technology that allows your attendees to ask questions and provide feedback anonymously.

Text messaging can also be used to coordinate among event staff, security, valets, and other essential employees to make the event run smoothly. Normally large events have a dozen staff or more across different areas, and it can be cumbersome managing them all. By using text messaging, you have nearly instant communication and can coordinate effectively, no matter where they may be at the time.

If you have a sudden change in staff or need a light bulb changed, text messaging can help you get the message out, without needing to pull your hair out by trying to track someone down and tell them.

A lot of events also use text messaging not only in the Q&A session but also to collect feedback after an event as well. You can ask attendees what they liked about the event, which speakers were best, how the accommodations were etc.

So, the next time you have a big event coming up, consider using text messaging not only to increase engagement in your event but to make coordinating the event a breeze as well.

How to Ensure Productive Town Hall Meetings by Using Mobile Text Messaging

Nowadays, town hall meetings are very common to discuss any concerns or host celebrations. The main goal of these meetings is to gather everyone together and have some sort of announcement. Many town hall meetings have a Q&A session, however, in many cases, people don’t participate. Text messaging is an event technology service which can help encourage attendees to participate by asking questions and offering feedback.

One of the major advantages to text messaging is it allows someone to ask a question or provide feedback anonymously. Some people are not comfortable providing feedback in a public setting in front of a group of people. If you give people an opportunity to provide their feedback or ask questions anonymously, you will increase participation.

In some town hall meetings there isn’t a Q&A session available to attendees due to time constraints or the number of people in attendance. By using text messaging, you will give everyone a chance to ask their question or submit their feedback, without the need to wait their turn in a long lineup. Also, you may collect questions and feedback at one meeting, and then address them at the next meeting. This will help save time, as perhaps one topic that is scheduled does not need to be discussed as there aren’t any questions on it.

If town hall meetings are held in a big corporate event, or political, environment, then almost no questions are answered directly anyway. So, there is little incentive for people to stand up and try to be heard in a big group of people, if it’s likely their question won’t be answered anyway. Text messaging allows not only the people in attendance to ask a question, but also it allows the meeting moderators to screen the questions, in case someone is submitting something that is inappropriate. By collecting questions via text message, the event coordinators, moderators, or anyone else can send answers back should they choose as well.

Text messaging has many benefits to help ensure a productive town hall meeting, especially since it allows anyone to have their say. For your next town hall meeting, why not give it a try?

How to Have a More Effective Meeting Using Text Messaging

Meetings are a crucial aspect of any business, as they allow to exchange ideas and bring up any issues that might exist. Because meetings are so crucial to a company you want to ensure that you are making them as engaging as possible and allow attendees to freely express themselves. By making meetings as engaging as possible, and allowing for easy feedback and participation, you can increase meeting efficiency.

Are your company meetings as effective as they should be? Probably not, because not all participants will provide feedback or ask questions in an open setting for any number of reasons. However, your meeting will never be as efficient as it should be if your attendees do not provide any feedback at all. You need to come up with a way to allow everyone to speak their mind, and encourage them to provide feedback. This method of providing feedback also needs to be easy to use, inexpensive, and not time-consuming.

Text messaging is the answer to the question “how to have an effective meeting” because it helps attendees provide their feedback instantaneously and anonymously. Essentially, text messaging gets rid of two issues: Time, and Comfort level. If you have large meetings, not everyone will always have a chance to say their piece, especially if they need to wait in a line or go up to a podium. Likewise, not everyone is comfortable providing their feedback in a setting where all eyes are on them either. Therefore text messaging not only allows everyone to have their say but also allows those that aren’t comfortable being in the spotlight an outlet which doesn’t make them uncomfortable.

Now, that isn’t to say that everyone who texts in some feedback or a question will have it answered right then and there. As mentioned before, some meetings are rather short, and it wouldn’t be possible to field 100 to 150 different questions or concerns. However, those questions, concerns and feedback can be stored for later use, rather than have them not be received at all.

Every business or company should use text messaging in order to make their meetings more effective. Some companies and businesses may choose to go with a complete ARS (audience response system) but those can be costly to set up, and time-consuming to get everyone using correctly. If you want a low cost, easy to use way to get more people to participate in meetings, then you will definitely want to consider text messaging.

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Why Text Messaging is Still One of the Best Conference Technologies

Hey! This is 2014, the decade of numerous advancements in technology to help make our lives and businesses easier to manage and more comfortable. With recent advancements in science and technology, conferences are becoming more productive and more engaging than ever before. New technologies are being used in conferences to help boost audience engagement and collect feedback. However, even with all the technological advances none have come close to beating out text messaging as one of the best conference technologies.

Why is that? The answer is simple. Text messaging is easy to use, affordable, doesn’t require extra instruction for people to use it, and doesn’t require any additional equipment.

You will see there are a number of different conference technologies to choose from when planning a business conference. You may even be tempted to use some different technologies instead of text messaging. However, these newer technologies have some drawbacks. Your audience may not be familiar with the technology and will need some additional help to use it, resulting in lost time, or lost feedback. However, almost everyone and their brother knows how to write a text. So, nobody will have any issue in asking a question or supplying feedback.

98% of people have a cellphone. They are pretty much universal, and most people never leave home without one. This is a huge benefit above using another audience response systems as you won’t need to rent any equipment or pay people to install it. Everyone brings their own. Also, some audience response systems rely on using microphones, and for that people need to wait their turn to use it. With texting, everyone can submit their feedback or question, whenever they want.

Your company can not only save a lot of money by not needing to rent any additional equipment, but it’s also more aesthetically pleasing as you don’t have a bunch of wires running all over the place.

Text messaging is also very affordable, and many people have a texting plan with their carrier. Also, besides the fact that an attendee can provide their feedback or ask their question anytime they want, they can also do so anonymously. Organizers of the conference can also send out any important announcements regarding times, venues or special alerts via text message as well.

For all the above reasons and more, text messaging is still at the top of the list when it comes to conference technologies to help improve audience engagement and participation. Be sure to check out text messaging for your next conference, before thinking about an expensive audience response system.

How To Properly Utilize Text Messaging At Your Corporate Events

Corporate events are crucial to a company gathering feedback and input from business partners, employees, and clients. Therefore, it is essential that the event is engaging in order to collect the maximum amount of feedback. Many times organizers of these events fail to make the event as engaging as it could be. For this reason, starting to incorporate text messages can be a good start to making your events more engaging, and thus more successful.

No More Microphones, Use Your Mobile

It is often considered alright if your employees wait in line and give their comments by being passed a microphone or standing in front of a podium. However, can the same be said for your clients and business partners? What if you have 1,000 attendees and everyone has something to say? It can be embarrassing, and frustrating if someone leaves a corporate event without being able to have their say. Text messaging not only allows everyone who wants to chime in chime in, it also allows them to do so in a more anonymous way.

Ask Questions Safely & Anonymously

Traditionally in corporate events attendees need to stand up to ask a question. As a result, some people may not provide feedback because they don’t like to be in the spotlight. In some cases employees are afraid of asking questions on misconduct or some decisions the company is making. This cuts down on crucial feedback the company needs in order to move forward. By adding a layer of anonymity, more people are encouraged to speak their mind.

Invite Attendees To Ask Question Via Mail Or Text Message & Show On Screen

By using text messaging, you are allowing attendees the choice of if they want to give their feedback or ask questions via their phones or e-mail. Also, by ensuring that all questions being asked are being shown on a screen somewhere, it helps to cut down on duplicate questions. This also encourages more engagement because attendees can see that other people may have the same questions or feedback they do.

Make sure you also have the option to moderate questions and not post all of them to the big screen. Some questions are of a more sensitive nature, and not meant for the public eye. By making it a choice if the question is posted or not, you give attendees the security to ask what they want, without risking exposing some sensitive issue that may not have been brought up initially.

See, not only can anonymous text messaging make the attendees more comfortable about asking questions and providing feedback, you won’t miss out on any feedback due to needing to wait one’s turn to chime in.

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When should you use text messaging as part of an audience response system?

Audience response systems are one of many vital components to town hall meetings and corporate events, especially today. In fact, it is commonly believed that this is the absolute best way to increase engagement and get feedback from your audience. ARS systems are one type of wireless equipment that can be used to collect feedback, such as on web polls. These systems can also be used for a variety of other real-time response data collection such as; dial-testing, perception analysis, an audience response meter and more. However, many events and town hall meetings are using a text messaging system as part of audience response instead of a complete ARS system. How does text messaging stack up to an ARS system?

Text messaging is low-cost, or sometimes free, for the audience attending a town hall meeting or corporate event. Text messaging is also a preferred method because almost everyone has a mobile phone, and 98% of mobile phones can send and receive text messages. On the other hand, ARS systems are fairly pricey because you need to buy the whole system with enough hardware to cover everyone in your audience to ensure everyone can participate.  

Another advantage to using text messaging is that it is easy. With ARS systems you need to coordinate with an onsite technician, and there are more things that can go wrong. With text messaging, the equipment everyone has, and it only relies on the mobile carriers to work. You also don’t need to worry about buying or renting additional equipment, which may or may not be readily available before your corporate event or town hall meeting.

With text messaging, you won’t need to explain to everyone at your event or meeting how to use their phone. On the other hand, with an ARS system, you will likely need to go through a 5 to 8 minute introductory speech so that everyone knows how to operate the additional equipment. It’s also important to note the range of an ARS system might actually not be enough to get your whole audience, especially at larger events and meetings. Whereas, as long as there is a signal, people will always be able to text.

It’s not hard to imagine how using text messaging can increase audience responsiveness. Almost everyone has a cell phone, and the majority of those text on a regular basis.

There is no question that ARS systems are exceptional for town hall meetings or corporate events, however, text messaging is becoming more popular due to its ease of use, price and compatibility with the audience.

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Handy Tips and Tricks For Events:

Mosio for events has some interesting and useful features which you may want to use. Here are the top 3 that many of our clients use, and how to use them.

1) How to Change the Color on Your Text To Screen:

One of the greatest features in Mosio for Events is the ability to customize the color of your Text to Screen.

To change the color simply add the color after last “/” in your presentation link: (replace YOURKEYWORD with your keyword)





Create an Online Q&A Widget for Virtual or International Attendees:

Sometimes at an event you will have attendees who either don’t want to use texts for whatever reason, or attendees who are from other countries. You can actually create an online widget they can access from their device and participate in the event as well.

Here is the link you will need to share with your attendees if they wish to use the widget from their device:


(replace YOURKEYWORD with your keyword)

Embed your Text to Screen Answers onto ANY Webpage:

Sometimes you may want to embed your Text to Screen Answers into another webpage. Here is the code to do just that:

<iframe src=”” width=”1700″ height=”550″ frameborder=”0″ seamless /></iframe>

You can also edit the color by adding the “/color” to the end of the hyperlink as well!

(Remember to replace YOURKEYWORD with your keyword)

3 Event Solutions Made Better Using Text Messaging

There are many important events where the audience joins in to solve a problem or to discuss any important concern. During this type of event, everyone in the audience is welcome to join in the discussion, represent their thoughts and give opinions. However, most events are not engaging enough. Some people are too shy to stand up with a microphone to ask questions, share feelings or share an issue or any concern with everyone else at the event. At the same time, some people may miss the event because of a change in the event venue or time. Gathering information, performing a survey, or collecting feedback on any issue from event participants is not always easy because of low engagement. Text messaging is one of the best event solutions that can increase engagement at events.

1. Increase Audience Engagement

Text messaging is a good way to make an event engaging because more attendees from the audience can ask questions, and share opinions at the same time, without needing to wait for their turn at the microphone or podium. The more conservative and shy attendees will also not generally want to stand in front of everyone to ask their question or share an opinion. As a result, not everyone will get to share their feedback at the event and some attendees will leave with frustrated after the event. By using text messaging, anyone with a cell phone can participate in the event discussions and share their feelings, questions and feedback in complete anonymity. This helps both attendees and event organizers ensure that engagement at the event is highest it can be. So, the way will be helpful for both the event and attendees.

2. Last Minute Alerts and Announcements

Sometimes an unforeseeable circumstance will cause the date of an event, or the venue of the event to be changed at the last minute. It can be difficult to get in touch with everyone who was going to be attending the event to make sure they have the updated and correct information. Text messaging is an excellent event solution to help distribute vital information for an event. Over 98% of people have a mobile phone and can receive text messages. This means that not only can they participate easily, but they can also get important updates or even next event venue locations.

3. Collect Feedback from Attendees

Text messaging can augment event solutions, especially where event organizers may want to collect feedback from attendees to see how they may make the event better in the future. It allows anyone with a cell phone that can send and receive messages participates, get important updates and information, and give feedback via surveys. Normally, a person would need to write something down on a piece of paper, or use a special piece of equipment in order to participate. A lot of people don’t want to go to the trouble to participate if it isn’t extremely easy for them. Text messaging as an event solution solves that issue.

Mosio for Events Video: Text Messaging for Audience Q&A | Text to Screen Software

Text Messaging for Audience Q&A | Text-to-Screen Software 

The most successful events are both engaging and interactive, but getting information to and from attendees can be difficult. Alerting everyone of updates and changes in real-time can be next to impossible. And attendees asking questions in sessions via microphones or writing on paper is simply inefficient.

Mosio for Events offers a better way…

With Mosio, organizers can notify and communicate with attendees using their mobile phones.

And since text messaging works on 99% of mobile phones, it reaches more people than a mobile app, instantly.

How does Mosio boost attendee participation?

  • Audience Q&A enables participants to ask questions of speakers and or guest services.
  • Alerts and Announcements allow you to schedule or send real-time updates, reminders and promotions.
  • Text-to-Screen builds engagement by displaying attendee questions and photos on screens and monitors.

Efficiently communicate, connect and interact with event attendees. Learn more about Mosio at

Events and Conferences News: 7 Reasons Virtual Conferences Will Transform Industries Worldwide, Planners encouraged to embrace event technology, Meeting room of the future survey: 59% indicate that the meeting room will go fully digital by 2014

An article by Michal Tsur on huffingtonpost points out some very valid arguments about why virtual conferences can be very positive for everybody involved. Typically conferences can be expensive and difficult to arrange, but with the power of the web, a virtual conference could take place anywhere, at any time. We think that it’s pretty exciting to be able to inspire, discuss and theorize with a huge group of people even if nobody is physically sharing one space. Perhaps we’ll see some interesting start-ups to support virtual conferencing in the future.

7 Reasons Virtual Conferences Will Transform Industries Worldwide

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If more than two-thirds of event professionals are saying that online attendance is growing, it’s pretty clear to see that not only do the event holders benefit from virtual conferences, but many others can benefit as well. Once again, it’s amazing to be able to harness the power of the web to build bridges between people and allow anybody with internet access to get involved with whatever they feel passionate about. We’re really excited to see what the future of the internet brings us.

Online Event Attendance Growing, Study Shows

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Events getting interactive, poll from Church House reveals

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Planners encouraged to embrace event technology

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BARCO : Meeting room of the future survey: 59% indicate that the meeting room will go fully digital by 2014

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Events and Conferences News: Digital Attendee Herding, Social Media Connections: The Rise of Virtual Courses, PCMA Education Conference: The Future of Meetings and Events

Digital Attendee Herding

There are applications out there that take use of a smartphone’s GPS capability and turn it into a clever marketing tool. Apps such as Foursquare are ‘social location apps’ that encourage users to check-in to locations on their arrival. Doing so could net the user of Foursquare a special bonus for the place they’ve arrived at such as a voucher or coupon code. By arriving at destinations, a user would also be sharing their check-in with all of their friends on Facebook and Twitter, making Foursquare a perfect tool for reaching out to new people.

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Planning an Event? Use Digital Technology to Make It That Much Better

Event planning can be a whole lot easier when using digital technology to help you with some event-planning tasks. You can create a buzz both online and offline, and offer a more interactive induction to those potentially interested in attending your event. This article points out some really neat ways to make the most of digital technology in the event planning process, and if you’re an event planner, some of them could really speed things up or improve things for you.

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Social Media Connections: The Rise of Virtual Courses

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Know Your Attendees: ExpoNext Conference Wrap up

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PCMA Education Conference: The Future of Meetings and Events

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Events and Conferences News: 9 Tips to Make Your Event Mobile-Friendly, Technology that Creates an Interactive Experience, Technology streamlining the planning, staging of large meetings

9 Tips to Make Your Event Mobile-Friendly

If you are planning an event, being able to make your event mobile friendly will help to build interest, make things easier for those attending the event, and help to leave a mark after the event has finished. Mobile and smartphones are now such a large part of our lives that having something ready and optimized for mobile is like having that something readily available in another language. This article points out 9 tips to make your event more mobile optimized and how it can help.

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Technology that Creates an Interactive Experience

It’s easy to create a gathering and then simply talk about something at an event and have a traditional questions and answers session at the end, but if you want to make your event truly interactive, there is a lot of technology out there to help. Both mobile and other digital platforms can be used to truly make your event special, and it can help to make a mark in your attendees minds that they won’t forget. We think this is a great article to help point out some technology ideas that could help spark some inspiration for your own event.

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State of the Industry 2013: Event technology

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Technology streamlining the planning, staging of large meetings

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US Technology: Five tech trends transforming corporate events

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Events and Conferences News: A New Tech Resource for the Events Industry, The Latest Technology for Visually Stunning Outdoor Events, Top predictions for the Event App Industry

The Latest Technology for Visually Stunning Outdoor Events 

Although technology and electronics has become a true gem when indoors, the story can often be changed when facing the outside world. For example, screens from smartphones or laptops are plenty of times harder to see in direct sunlight than they are inside, and weather like rain or wind can damage or hinder electronics, and this can be incredibly frustrating when you’re relying on technology for an event but would prefer to showcase it outdoors. This article points out an interesting case study that was done to help eventholders work their way round traditional outdoor environments such as the wind.

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App Data Is a Missed Opportunity

The smartphone has become one of man’s most personal possessions, and because of that, many of us carry a smartphone close to us almost every minute of the day. This huge connection we have with our smartphones is starting to open up a lot of new routes for many different industries, and because of the vast amount of information being sent and received with our smartphones, they also make for an amazing place to track and monitor data and information. This can be especially useful at events and gatherings as this post points out.

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Facing the future With New Technology in the Meetings and Incentives Industry

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Top predictions for the Event App Industry

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A New Tech Resource for the Events Industry

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Events and Conferences News: Survey shows 49% increase in the use of event apps, 5 Ways to Make Technology Work for Your Events, The Meeting of the Future

5 Meeting-Tech Trends to Watch in 2013

Watching trends is always a good way to know what event attendees may expect from you if you’re planning on holding an event. Whilst some rules are golden and should always be stuck by, you’ll often see new tends crop up, especially when technology is advancing at the rate it is currently. This article does itself well by pointing out 5 trends related to technology that should be known about in 2013, including tips about smartphones, digital integration and virtual conferences. With smartphones being tossed around so often these days most of them are far from surprising.

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Internet at Events: A Planner’s Cheat Sheet

Holding an online event or meeting can be a daunting task for those who haven’t got much experience with streaming or using video chat online. You will need to learn a little about internet speed and bandwidth to find out if you can resolve any problems you may have whilst broadcasting, and may need to monitor some things if the virtual conference, event or meeting starts to turn a little laggy. Luckily this cheat sheet seems to give you almost everything you need to know to get started.

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Survey shows 49% increase in the use of event apps

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5 Ways to Make Technology Work for Your Events

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The Meeting of the Future

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Events and Conferences News: Technology on the rise at CIBTM, European Organizers and Venues Go Digital In Record Numbers, Amtrak Upgrades Passenger Wi-Fi

European Organizers and Venues Go Digital In Record Numbers

We’d like to think of the present as the ‘digital age.’ Everything around us is becoming more technologically involved, and we are all using digital technology to improve our day to day lives. It’s come to a point where digital technology has helped to improve almost every industry from each corner of the Earth, and especially in event organisation, it’s clear to see a huge rise in the use of digital technology within the industries we work in.

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Amtrak Upgrades Passenger Wi-Fi

Could you imagine a world where everywhere we go we have access to super smooth WiFi for free? Whilst we may all have experienced the poor WiFi we get in hotel rooms and small coffee shops, organisations out there are working on improving public WiFi to help us all stay connected. One example of this involves Amtrak, a train and bus travel company, has started to improve the public WiFi available within their methods of transport, allowing the public to have access to a good WiFi connection whilst traveling. This can be important when you need to make important connections with friends, family or workmates whilst on a long journey and it’s a positive step towards us all sharing our connectedness together.

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Technology on the rise at CIBTM

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Greening Your Meeting: How to Go Paperless

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What Is Augmented Reality Technology? What Can It Offer the Event Industry?

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