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Recruit, Retain and Report More Effectively with Mosio

Recruiting and retention of study participants through the life of a research study is crucial, and collecting data can be both expensive and time consuming. Text messaging is the largest data service in the world and 90% of texts are read within 10 minutes. Text messaging is the preferred method of communication for patients on the go, offering researchers an efficient, cost effective opportunity to improve study success rates.

Mosio for Research allows you to extend your outreach and stay connected to participants with more efficiency than telephone calls, emails and data entry while maintaining participant privacy and data security.

Increase Patient Engagement and Retention

1. Appointment and Dosing Reminders
Schedule alerts, compliance messages and initiate surveys with ease.

2. Text Message Surveys
Record ePRO and manage data efficiently on 99% of mobile phones.

3. Enrollment Scheduling Flexibility
Automate messaging as you enroll participants, in phases or one at a time.

4. Interactive Two-Way Text Messaging
Save time over phone calls and voicemail with Mosio's TextChat.

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"Mosio has set a new standard for service to researchers with their ability to reach target populations."
- Richard Crosby, DDI Endowed Professor, University of Kentucky College of Public Health

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Benefits: 3 Ways Mosio Improves Research

RECRUITING: Qualification + AdvertisingRECRUITING: Outreach + Qualification + Advertising
RETENTION: Appointments + InstructionsRETENTION: Appointments + Compliance + Education
REPORTING: ePRO + Surveys + Responses + DiariesREPORTING: ePRO + Surveys + Responses + Diaries

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Who is it for?

Mosio for Research was designed for use by CROs, academic and pharmaceutical researchers in phase I-IV clinical trials where recruiting efforts, reminders, surveys or ePRO can be improved through the use of mobile technologies. Current users include researchers in University Health Centers, Health Promotion and Prevention Research, Behavioral Sciences, and Public Health.

Text Messaging Surveys for ePRO Clinical Trials

Simple, Scalable and Secure

Mosio's web-interface enables you to send, receive and respond to text messages, including reminders, participant surveys and support for the duration of your study.

Interactions are kept anonymous and confidential, while enabling you to collect data efficiently.

No hardware to buy and no software to download.

Our technology works on any mobile phone with texting capabilities. If your study provides participants with mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets, our service is easily accessible and we can build out custom, mobile-optimized solutions (surveys, polls, links, etc) for a more robust experience.

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Key Benefits

Private, anonymous and secure. Private, anonymous and secure.
Time and cost savings in your initiation and response processes. Time and cost savings in your initiation and response processes.
Connect with participants/patients from wherever they are. Connect with participants/patients wherever they are.
Commenting, collaboration and data management. Commenting, collaboration and data management.
Seamless export for efficient database integration. Seamless exporting for efficient database integration.
Available in 16 countries: USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Australia, South Africa, etc. Available in 28 countries: USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Australia, South Africa, etc.

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HIPAA and Participant Privacy

While the mobile text messaging channel is not technically HIPAA compliant, Mosio makes continuous efforts to maintain the privacy and data security of sensitive client and patient information, including:

Unique Users and Identification: Each user identity is assigned a unique name and/or number for identification, logging and tracking.

Authentication: Authentication is used via unique, password protected account login access through SSL encryption technology. Only dedicated support staff have access to client data, provided only to approved client administrators, as needed.

Encryption: The Mosio system has encryption and decryption mechanics to protect ePHI where applicable. SSL encryption technology, certified by Comodo Security’s PostiveSSL, protects all components of the Mosio dashboard accessible by account users.

Automatic Logging Out: The Mosio system will log out users after a short time of inactivity. While the system enables account users to choose “Remember Me” to stay logged in, it allows for remote locking out by our support staff should the need arise.

Transmission Security: Technical measures have been implemented from authentication, SSL encryption and selection of web hosting providers in the US and Canada to guard against unauthorized access to the network. Only Developers employed by Mosio have direct access to the Mosio platform code base and databases.

Multiple Organizations: ePHI is not accessible by Mosio partners or subcontractors unless otherwise authorized for the sole purpose of efficient communication transmissions.

Response and Reporting Procedures: The company maintains a step by step reporting procedure to identify, document, respond and prevent security incidents.

Contingency Plans: ePHI and other sensitive data have accessible backups, including procedures to recover data from Mosio’s hosting company.

Privacy and Security Officers: The company's co-founders are our privacy and security officers.

Risk Management Evaluations: Privacy sensitivity training, activity logging, risk management procedures for code implementation, data and account management are reviewed once a year by Mosio’s chief officers to ensure maximum risk reduction.

Contact us for our detailed Privacy and Data Security Management statement and if you need assistance in responding to requests from IRBs or patient privacy officers at your organization, we're happy to be of assistance.

Business Associate Agreements

Mosio is dedicated to ensuring private and secure software solutions with its clients, including Business Associate Agreements. If your organization requires a BAA, please email documents to hipaa((@)) and allow up to 7-10 business days for review and completion after the project/program agreements have been confirmed.