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Find@ Find@
Food, shops, bars, salons and fun places!

The Find tool helps you find information for almost any store, bar, restaurant or other business, whether you already know the business name or are looking for one in a certain category. Text messaging the name/category and zip code to will return with three results.

How you use it:
Text the business name or category and the zip code to
Ex: toms bakery, 90027
Ex: sushi, 60607

Send Find to your phone so you can use it later...
Once you receive the message, simply save it in your contacts and the next time you need to find anything, you can pull it up and use it.
Remind@ Remind@
Never forget again.

Reminder is one of our most popular mobile tools because it allows you to set up reminders whenever you are away from your computer. this is used to set a reminder for a few minutes (5m = 5 minutes, 2h = 2 hours) or a specific date/time (04/01/08 3:35pm = 3:35pm on April 1, 2008).

Minutes/Hours: text 2m, move car! to will text you a reminder in 2 minutes that says: move car!
Date/Time: text 112407 2pm, coffee meeting with erika @ peets on market. to will text you a reminder on November 24, 2007 at 2pm that says: coffee meeting with erika @ peets on market.

Send Remind to your phone so you can use it later.
Birthday@ Birthday@
Remember everyone's birthday. this is one of our favorites! If someone tells you their birthday, you just text their birthdate and name to

The best thing about the birthday reminder is that it sends you an email and a text 1 week before their birthday so you have time to buy a present, get a card, etc.

Send Birthday to your phone so you can use it later.

Text 3/28 Christian to, and Mosio will text you a reminder a week before, and on March 28th that says: It's Christian's birthday! It'll then save that information in your account so you'll remember next year as well.
Chuck@ chuck@
When Chuck Norris breaks the law, the law doesn't heal.

Random Chuck Norris Facts to make you smile, nervously...
Text get to
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8ball@ 8ball@
The magic 8 ball never lies.

Text any "yes" or "no" question to and let fate decide your answer for you.
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Fortune@ fortune@
Delicious fortunes on your phone

Words of wisdom from ancient chinese cookies. Text get to
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Taxi@ taxi@
Get taxi phone numbers for your city

Working in 17 US cities and London, if you text a city name (or abbreviation), you'll get back 3-5 numbers for taxi companies.

Cities covered: Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC, Denver, KansasCity, LA, London, Miami, MPLS, NYC, PHX, Portland, SanDiego, SEA, SF, StLouis, Tucson

Want a city added? Let us know!

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Inspire@ inspire@
Inspirational quotes to keep you going

Awesome quotes of inspiration to keep you going Text get to
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Textcasts TextCasts - Top news headlines from the Associated Press - Send to phone | Subscribe - Front page headlines from the BBC - Send to phone | Subscribe - Business news headlines from NPR - Send to phone | Subscribe - US news headlines from NPR - Send to phone | Subscribe - Daily news from America's Finest News Source - Send to phone | Subscribe - Oddly Enough news headlines from Reuters - Send to phone | Subscribe

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